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Messe Masters is a turnkey exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, offering attractive stand design and construction services for all exhibitions in Barcelona. Once our partnership is established, we dispatch our experienced team to create custom creative stands that best reflect your brand. We design and manage unique exhibition stands, ideas, and virtual experiences to ensure an extraordinary impact on your company. We guarantee efficient exhibition management thanks to our experience as an exhibition stand builder. Our competent exhibition stand builders in Barcelona and multilingual project managers attach great importance to personal support in the planning, implementation, and realization of your exhibition stand and thus ensure that the construction of the exhibition stand and the entire show runs smoothly.

Our competent and experienced exhibition stand builders in Barcelona and 3D graphic artists primarily ensure the creation of brand and industry-oriented exhibition stand designs. Whether you need sharp, bespoke displays, modular displays, double deck displays or country pavilion displays, we have the caliber to help you meet your needs. We also keep any crucial tips/briefings you gave us while working on the project.

Importance of having a good exhibition stand and making us your exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona

The exhibition stand has several advantages over other forms of advertising.

  • First, it allows you to create a fully immersive environment where visitors can directly interact with your products or services. This will enable them to ask questions and get answers immediately rather than searching the internet for information later.
  • Second, the stand also allows companies to get valuable feedback from potential customers that they would not get from online or print advertising.
  • Finally, the stand will enable companies to build relationships with potential customers through face-to-face interactions that are not possible with other forms of marketing.

Depending on your needs and budget, you have different exhibition stands at your exhibition. The most common type is the pop-up display, which usually consists of lightweight panels with magnets or Velcro and can be quickly assembled on-site without using tools or additional help. There are also bespoke stands tailored to a company’s needs and requirements by exhibition stand builders who know how to maximize the impact of their design in a limited space. Finally, tiered shelving allows companies to display multiple products in one location using tiers or tiers in their design. This increases visual appeal as customers can easily access each product custom without cluttering the space.

As an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, we offer exhibitors a great way to make a lasting impression at any exhibition without breaking the budget. By knowing the uses, benefits, and types of display stands available, you can ensure your business differentiates itself from the competition while gaining valuable feedback from potential customers and building relationships between them and industry participants. Proper planning lets you make a lasting impression at your next exhibition.

Types of exhibition stands we offer as exhibition stand builders

A lot of imagination and innovative thinking goes into developing a unique and distinctive exhibition stand design. Each of these exhibition stands is different, but our exhibition stand builder in Barcelona does not have to redesign the entire exhibition stand each time. There is a standard stencil/model of an exhibition stand, which the standmaker uses as a blank canvas to paint their innovative ideas. These templates are called different stand types. But why should exhibitors be explicit about their stand type? This depends on your budget, business type, brand message, and the products you want to display at the exhibition. Other aspects include the frequency of exhibiting at shows, area, and location. These factors determine the application of your exhibition stand design and determine which type of exhibition stand is right for you.

Custom exhibition stand

A custom exhibition stand design from a good exhibition stand builder in Barcelona is custom-engineered according to customer specifications. They complement your brand-building strategy and offer many options for a bespoke exhibition stand. Custom design exhibition stands are expensive. Companies with large budgets often choose custom designs for their exhibition stands. Custom exhibition stand designs are designed to suit your preferences to achieve the maximum return on your investment. You can pay more for a customized exhibition stand and make a more significant impression at your exhibition.

Modular stand

Modular exhibition stand designs come in various shapes and sizes to suit every budget. A modular exhibition stand conveys your brand message and delivers the expected results. Modular exhibition stands can be used for medium or large displays.

Two-tier exhibition stand

The two-story exhibition stand design attracts as many visitors as possible. The double-deck exhibition stand is already equipped with decks, stairs, and bridges. A two-story exhibition stand enhances the visual identity. These exhibition stands can be used for promotional presentations and can make a significant impact during exhibitions.

Country Pavilion exhibition stand

The design of the country pavilion display stand is used to reflect the country’s culture, religion, and lifestyle. Country pavilion stand offers a variety of mini-exhibition stand designs to showcase your brand. The pavilion exhibition stand design is ideal for promoting your brand and products. The country pavilion stands are expensive. As experienced exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona, we suggest that if you represent your country, your ideal display stand should be a Country Pavilion exhibition stand design.

Portable exhibition stand

Portable exhibition stand designs add value to shows. These stands are much cheaper than custom exhibition stands. Because it is portable, it can be easily transported from place to place.

Would you like to buy or rent a stand? We, as an exhibition stand builder, offer everything. If you want more information on this subject, contact the Messe Masters. As an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, we can give you a lot of information about the different standards that suit your brand.

What makes us different from other exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona?

We are enthusiastic about our creativity and results. We serve the best and feel happy and celebrated after achieving the exhibition goal. For us, satisfaction is linked to the success of our customers.

Marketing experts

Our sales and marketing team is responsible for leading a team of professional exhibition stand builders involved in the company’s sales and marketing activities. You follow the market development, develop strategies, create sales plans, and maintain customer relationships.

Project management

This department plans and uses company resources, tools, and techniques to accomplish a specific task or exhibition. They create a workflow for smooth and easy operation. They also ensure that a given job is completed on time without sacrificing quality.

Design and planning

The impact of CAD and 3D MAX technology and the design skills of our creative design team bring creativity.

Manufacture and assembly

Implementation is a step-by-step process to implement your decision. Our experts ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation.


Our logistics department is one of the strengths of Messe Masters. A massive production facility and our global footprint make everything very smooth and easy, from relocation and transportation to the final destination. We have a vast storage area for all purposes.

Messe Masters has been an exhibition stand builder, designer, and manufacturer since 2008. With headquarters in Germany and offices across the globe, we have achieved a leading position as an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, Europe. We offer creative exhibition stands with full service at competitive prices. We allow European clients to visit one of our showrooms and experience centers, where we provide international and overseas clients with a dedicated project manager.

All in all:

We are the best exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, with highly qualified teams with years of experience designing stands for European countries. This means we know what works for an exhibition stand project in Barcelona. In this way, we can legitimately create an eye-catching stand design that will be familiar to your target audience in Barcelona ​​and correctly reflect your branding guidelines and exhibition stand ideas. Once you start working with us, you don’t have to worry about project execution and management.


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