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exhibition stand builder in Barcelona

Of course, the complexity of an exhibition requires good experience to be successful in a competitive environment. Building grandstands has become big business in Barcelona as the city is one of the most popular cities in the world for exhibitions of all kinds. And a good exhibition stand design in Barcelona can steal the show is not for everyone. It is no surprise; the city is known for its good weather, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Creating something modern that can withstand fierce market competition requires careful thought. It also offers excellent opportunities for hosting major exhibitions thanks to its infrastructure, numerous hotels, and good transport links. If you want to look for some of the best jobs in the exhibition industry, you need to find an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona with a lot of experience. Companies worldwide flock to Barcelona to showcase, promote and socialize in large exhibition halls to stand out and make an impression.

Why the need for good exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona?

There’s a big difference between hiring an experienced exhibition stand builder in Barcelona and someone new to the industry. The best way to do this is probably by using an attractive exhibition stand design in Barcelona. The main difference will be in the quality of the work, understanding the smallest details of the construction. It’s true; the physical space you stay in for a day or a week is critical to the success of your exhibition. We’re not saying that someone new to the industry can’t be good; rather, it should be noted that every experienced exhibition stand contractor in Barcelona has been new to the market at one time or another. However, the understanding and speed that the smart company will show are commendable.

It is also important that your exhibition stand is delivered on time during the exhibition. When you hire a professional exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, you can rest assured that they understand the time it takes to build an outstanding exhibition stand. No exhibitor wants to experience that the exhibition is just around the corner and the stand is not yet ready. Such a situation rarely occurs in a specialized company dealing with the design of exhibition stands. You know the schedule, and your stand will be ready on time. You will be given up to one to two weeks to review the status and suggest any changes.

Factors to consider while choosing an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona

The experience of working with an experienced exhibition stand builder in Barcelona is different. You’ll have a whole new understanding of the smallest details needed to build an amazing exhibition stand design in Barcelona. That’s why exhibitors are willing to invest heavily in the best exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, confident in the higher return on investment that can be achieved by hiring that stand builder. 

Find out about different exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona

Before deciding on an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, you should research the various providers. You can use the search engine to find stand builders, search our directory or get recommendations from other companies in the same sector who are already exhibiting. Finding the best solution for your business requires comparing services, portfolios and expertise. 

Relevant industry experience

Who else has this company worked with? Do they have experience working with others in your industry? Many exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona specialize in a particular industry or operate in different industries. Does the company you are considering have experience in your industry or related field? It means you know how to design something that resonates. They also know the shows you’ll be exhibiting at, giving you a competitive edge. You should look at their portfolio and client list to see if they have worked with reputable companies in your industry. 

Geographic location

Exhibitions are not usually held at the same venue as your company. You may have to travel to another location to attend the exhibition. It’s very boring, isn’t it? Now imagine that an exhibition stand needs to be transported from a remote location. Carrying a stand from a distance can be a daunting task. Another issue is the wear that occurs during cab transport. For this reason, choosing a stand builder co-located where you will be attending the exhibition is advantageous.

Storage space for stand or standard storage space

After renting the exhibition space, you will have the right production space for your exhibition stand, robust facilities to store your stand, great flexibility throughout the stand production process, and better budget optimization than competitors. Select an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona that provides the exhibition industry. 

Consider the degree of fit

Different companies have different needs when it comes to exhibition stands. When choosing an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona, consider the level of customization. Do they offer bespoke exhibition stand design in Barcelona or provide pre-built racks? 

Set goals

You must decide what you want to achieve with your stand for the Barcelona exhibition. Consider your target audience. Will they be businessmen or innovative creators? Or a bit of both? How can you reach your audience, and what kind of stand will help you achieve your goal? Many displays include pop-ups, modular displays, shell systems, banners, and custom stands. Each offers different benefits, and you must decide which is right for you. Also, consider the functionality of the room. Need places to sit or meet? Will you be giving speeches or presentations? Launch a product? Before deciding on a design, consider what you want from your stand. Also, consider the type of technology you will need to achieve your goals. This type of brainstorming is crucial to develop a vision that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Only the best exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona can help you achieve your goal.

Work portfolio

What does corporate work look like? Do you like their other works? Browse the company’s portfolio to see their designs and the stands they have created for other companies and see if they can do the same for you. Is there something in the portfolio that matches your ideas, and you would like something similar to be created for you? Can they meet your criteria and turn your idea into reality? Design is subjective. So, ensure they consistently deliver high-quality racks that make an impression and deliver results.

Technical Support 24/7

Challenges can occur no matter how good your exhibition stand builder in Barcelona is. For this reason, hiring an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona who will provide you with 24/7 support is a good idea. Your exhibition stand builder in Barcelona should ensure you have full 24/7 support from qualified company personnel, whatever difficulties you encounter. Also, a good exhibition stand design company will provide a team on the exhibition floor to deal with any obstacles during the exhibition.

A reference to an activity field

In many cases, look for exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona that can design your stand and offer skills specific to your field of activity. These qualifications consist of a collection of innovative technologies used at the exhibition as a brand. Take a look at these exhibition materials and stand design stand mock-ups.

Understanding materials used

The materials used in exhibition stand construction can significantly impact the stand’s overall quality and durability. Ask your exhibition stand builder in Barcelona for the materials used. Ideally, we would like to work with a supplier that uses quality materials so that we can maintain our stand for the entire duration of the exhibition.


After the exhibition, the stand you purchased will require some storage space. A good exhibition stand builder in Barcelona will have their warehouse or standard storage space if they buy the stand. Permanent employment can be considered if the exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona offer a high degree of flexibility throughout the process of exhibition booth design in Barcelona. 

Be sure to evaluate the vendor’s experience, expertise, level of customization, materials used, budget, communication, and additional services offered. This way, you can find an exhibition stand builder in Barcelona who will provide an exhibition booth design in Barcelona that suits your company’s needs and make a good impression at the show.

Choose Messe Masters as your exhibition stand contractor in Barcelona

We have severed many exhibitors across the globe. Messe Masters stays on site. We are based in Barcelona. We speak different languages, such as English, to facilitate communication. Messe Masters have years of experience in the exhibition industry. At Messe Masters, we offer the option of obtaining a variety of designs from multiple partners, providing a wealth of creative ideas that best fit your vision. We follow your feedback and ensure prompt updates. You can choose to handle all communications with us until the end of the project, or you can choose to contact the provider directly. 

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