Custom stand design ideas for attracting visitors to your brand

custom stand design

You’ll be thrilled if you’ve managed to secure a place at the next extensive exhibition in your industry. Below, we’ve listed unique exhibition stand design ideas inspired by eye-catching exhibits from years past that will help you grab attention and create a buzz at your next exhibition. As for all the participants who attend the exhibition, the vast majority are potential future customers. This means you can reach new people with your brand, and it’s time for your business to stand out. It’s time to think outside the box and plan when designing your exhibition stand, as exhibitions are the perfect place to showcase your business to people looking for what you offer. So, you have to dress to impress. By decorating your stand with everything you provide as a brand and implementing the most creative custom exhibition stand design ideas you see below, you will transform your entire exhibition stand into one that stands out!

Custom stand design tips to set you apart from the competition

Display graphics correctly

Certain areas of the stand are more visually important than others. The back wall is a crucial feature of small and medium-sized stands. To emphasize the design of your exhibition stand, complement your most important design elements with messages and logos in more visually essential areas. The large stand contains multiple focal points. Some stands may also have two back panels that highlight the graphic branding of the stand. Therefore, it should collect the most essential information about your brand.

Make your display interactive

Your custom stand design must be interactive if you want your visitors to interact. Make it even better by including product benefits. Product demo, photo stand with games, digital signage, and interactive touchscreens that inform visitors about your products/services—friendly and responsive staff. Interactive exhibition exhibit design is more effective in attracting and engaging visitors.

Takeout information

No matter how exciting your stand is, visitors won’t be able to stay there forever. Send them some information so they remember you when it’s time to check out what they have to offer at other stands. Business cards, flyers, and brochures are all great ways to easily share your brand information with your stand visitors.

Combine your brand story with the proper exhibits

It is essential for our team to clearly communicate our brand image during exhibition. Once visitors visit your stand, they need to clearly understand your brand philosophy, at least on the surface. Fulfill this requirement by choosing a stand design that fits well with your brand philosophy and best reflects your brand story. Your stand should display your brand’s history, track record, vision, commitment, and future initiatives at a glance, without the need for marketing team members to explain it to you. Integrating virtual reality tools also plays a vital role in communicating your brand philosophy to visitors and getting closer to potential customers. Have you ever dealt with these topics? Well, they are very effective in accessing the best deals possible.

Let’s be comfortable

You notice at exhibitions that there aren’t many places to stop and sit. Setting up a stand area with comfortable seating and a box of goodies (like branded donuts) can attract people looking for a few minutes of respite from the hustle and bustle.

Think big

You’ve taken care of your visibility on social media, but have you also thought about your visibility at the exhibition? Consider the height of your screen and then choose a slightly larger one. You want to be seen and noticed at shows, so go big or go home.

Use the correct colours

Colour psychology plays a crucial role in influencing visitors’ thought processes. The colours and shades you choose to design your exhibition display can make the difference between success and failure. Primary colours such as blue, green, white, etc. appear more professional overall but do not stand out. Instead, red, yellow, and orange appear more attractive and vibrant. Creative use when designing exhibition appearances can work wonders. However, they should not be used as they may deter visitors.

Bring the loot

Exhibitions are all about stands with something to offer to attract the masses. If you provide gadgets, make sure everything in them is branded. Play and offer prizes. Offer contests where you get email addresses from a list and choose from a hat. Not only will you get a new email list, but you will also generate a lot of interest in your offer.

Design of an exhibition stand with classic structures

Many new exhibitors don’t know where to start when designing their exhibition stand. Fortunately, Messe Masters has an extensive library of past and contemporary custom stand designs to expedite this process. Sometimes, the perfect stand has already been designed and built, and only a few changes are needed to make it how you want it. In other cases, exhibitors select ideas from multiple exhibits to create the perfect presentation. In any case, we are ready to help you and make your vision a reality.

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