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Fitur 2024

The 44th edition of the global tourism industry’s leading business forum offers hundreds of opportunities to make new contacts and promote your brand. Fitur 2024 is an international tourism exhibition that serves as a global communication platform to develop future strategies and respond to customer needs and trends. The Fitur will occur over five days, from Wednesday, January 24th to Sunday, January 28th, 2024, in Madrid. It is an important exhibition for tourism professionals traveling in and out of Latin American markets. The show, attended by more than 10,434 exhibitors from 166 countries and regions, represents a unique opportunity for tour operators, travel agencies, transport companies, representatives of hotels and other forms of accommodation, leisure and cultural entrepreneurs, as well as industrial enterprises of residential tourism and travel media representatives, government representatives, representatives from tourism associations, members of business associations and students from training institutes met and exchanged ideas. Fitur is a global meeting point for professionals/companies/companies in the tourism sector.

Facts and Figures of Fitur Madrid 2024

With the rapidly growing participation of 11,040 companies from 165 countries and regions, 150,089 exhibition visitors, and 111,089 visitors (general public), the Fitur Tourism Exhibition is currently the highest-rated exhibition in the tourism industry.

Here are some interesting facts about the upcoming Fitur 2024 in Madrid, Spain:

  • Fitur 2024 will offer a platform to discover the latest travel, vacation, tourism, accommodation, travel agency, and hospitality trends.
  • It is a place where tourism professionals can network, do business, and find new partners. In addition to industry guests, several key decision-makers and suppliers will participate in the global exhibition platform Fitur Madrid 2024.
  • This exhibition is the global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading show for Spain’s inbound and outbound markets. You can benefit from international media coverage to promote new products and services at an exhibition covering mass tourism and niche markets.
  • The Fitur 2024 Madrid, Spain, offers a great opportunity to gain insight into the latest industry trends and network with industry experts. The exhibition expands its specialist sector yearly to help make the tourism landscape more diverse and sustainable.
  • Fitur 2024 promises to be a major exhibition and offers a unique opportunity to learn, network, and gain knowledge from the best in the industry.
  • Products are presented in 9 categories, namely FITUR Mice, FITUR Health, FITUR Festivals & Exhibitions, FITUR LGBT+, Know-how and Expert, FITUR Screen, FITUR TechY, FITUR Talent and FITUR Next Investor—solutions with the latest technologies and industrial innovations.

Take advantage of this opportunity and participate in the world’s largest travel exhibition. The fair presents a large number of innovative products in the most sought-after sub-sectors, divided into 9 main themes in each sector:

  • FITUR Mouse
  • Fitur health
  • FITUR Festivals and Exhibitions
  • Focus on LGBT+
  • Know-how and export
  • FITUR screen
  • FITUR TechY
  • Fitul’s talent
  • FITUR Next Investor

It is also a platform to introduce the latest tourism trends and technologies. Fitur is a valuable opportunity for companies to promote their products and increase awareness.

Why makes Fitur 2024 Madrid, Spain, a good place to be?

Hailed as one of Europe’s most specialized tourism exhibitions, Fitur 2024 Madrid, Spain’s product and service overview covers topics such as FiturTechy, FiturCruises, Fitur LGBT+, Fitur Woman, and many more. Fitur offers exhibitors a great opportunity to meet the industry’s leading experts and professionals, generating great ideas and business relationships. In addition, the Fitur exhibition organizer brought approximately 10,487 exhibitors from 165 countries to Madrid and 253,490 visitors. The exhibition offers great prospects for all exhibitors and represents the robust growth of the globally economically important leisure and business travel sector. So-called country pavilions introduce regional characteristics to exhibition visitors, mainly decision-makers in the tourism industry, such as travel agencies and associations. The attendance of more than 5,300 media members at the Fitur in Madrid proves how much hype this exhibition has created for the tourism industry.

Exhibiting at Fitur Madrid 2024 will bring endless opportunities to you!

Exhibitions are a favorable exhibition opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises. Overall, Fitur Madrid 2024 will serve as a global communication platform to develop future strategies considering changing consumer demands and moving the entire tourism industry forward. FITUR is represented by the country’s main tourism associations, travel agencies, transport companies, HoReCa business representatives, and service providers. Therefore, exhibitors exhibiting at the Fitur exhibition can use media coverage to promote their companies. This exhibition is also considered the most important gateway to the Latin American market.

With more than 136,000 professionals in attendance, this exhibition is a great source of inspiration, business ideas, and prospecting. The show brings together leading experts and professionals from different industry sectors to exchange knowledge, experience, and emerging industry concerns every year. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, including knowledge-sharing discussions and presentations in collaboration with the world’s best and most innovative tourism companies. Messe Masters offers comprehensive exhibition services in Madrid, guaranteeing a stress-free experience. With years of experience as an exhibition stand builder in Madrid, we specialize in complete solutions that include stand creativity, design, shipping, installation, and storage. Our passion is communicating your brand message effectively. Our work is highly recognized, having participated in several exhibitions and successfully completed worldwide. Our team of stand designers, 3D designers, and visualizers will create your customized stand at Fitur 2024. Our exhibition stand builder in Madrid uses only high-quality materials and offers professionalism.

Contact us today to learn more and share your vision; we will turn your ideas into reality at Fitur 2024!

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