Get to Know Messe Masters: A Top Exhibition Stand Builder in Barcelona

Get to Know Messe Masters: A Top Exhibition Stand Builder in Barcelona

Barcelona, with its excellent weather and beaches, is the point of attraction for tourists worldwide. But, do you know what else Barcelona is famous for? If you have guessed exhibitions, then you are absolutely right.

Barcelona is well known for exhibitions, including Fitur Madrid, Seafood Expo Global, and MWC Barcelona. Exhibitors actively participate in these events to showcase new products, make connections, discover new technologies and innovations, etc. These exhibitors need the assistance of an experienced  exhibition stand design company in Barcelona to have a successful presence at the exhibition. And what better option is there than Messe Masters?

Let’s explore our services in this blog that has made us a top choice among exhibitors.

Services That Make Us a Top Choice Among Exhibitors in Barcelona

Messe Masters is counted among the top exhibition stand builders in Barcelona, as we don’t just design and build stands. We also offer allied services that help exhibitors have an easy way of participating in exhibitions. Take a look at our comprehensive services below.

  • Shipping services

Messe Masters has a dedicated team that looks after the shipping and logistics of exhibition stands. We ensure that all the documents are verified to facilitate a speedy customs clearance. We never miss delivering your stands well before the exhibition.

  • Stand installation

Unlike other exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona, we also undertake to assemble your exhibition stand at the venue. Our team has the right expertise and tools to ensure a speedy set-up of your stand. We ensure that your stand is ready before the exhibition starts.

  • Stand dismantling

Working with Messe Masters, you don’t have to be stressed about taking the stand down. Once the exposition is over, our team carefully dismantles the exhibition stand. We take the utmost care to preserve each part of the stand.

  • Storage services

Many times, exhibitors are worried about the safe storage of their stands. But not with us. We have storage facilities across Barcelona used to keep the stands until the next exhibition.

Types of Stands We Build as an Exhibition Booth Builder in Barcelona

As one of the leading exhibition booth builders in Barcelona, we offer a variety of exhibition stands to choose from. These are:

  • Custom exhibition stands

Custom stands are those that are built as per clients’ needs. These stands are customised as per the brand theme, colour, message, etc. Custom stands require a significant amount of investment, but also offer a greater ROI.

  • Modular/BeMatrix stands

Modular or BeMatrix stands are essentially reusable building blocks that can be easily connected and configured in different ways to create a customised exhibition space. These stands are highly flexible and can be ported easily.

  • Country pavilion stands

Excelling as an exhibition stand design company in Barcelona, we design country pavilion stands that truly depict the unique culture of countries. Our graphic and 3D designers create country pavilion stands that attract attention at any exposition.

Summing Up!

Messe Masters is a name to remember when searching for exhibition stand contractors in Barcelona. Our services go beyond designing and building stands. We provide stand delivery, installation, disassembly, and storage services to exhibitors to ensure their seamless participation in expositions.  You can also get a country pavilion, modular, or custom stand by choosing us. Our unwavering support before, during, and after the exhibition will guarantee success for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with Messe Masters today to convey your requirements for the next exhibition.

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