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Location, location, location is one of the cornerstones of an exhibition look.

At most exhibitions today, the price per square meter is the same regardless of where the exhibition stand is located in the hall. Some organizers charge extra for a premium spot. If you are exhibiting for the first time, you can wait to book for additional discounts, but be aware that your choices will be limited. Our best advice is to choose early, and it’s about getting the best seats for money.

The best way to find the right space is to attend this year’s show if you plan to attend next year. Think about the main door of the mall and all the retail stores right behind that door. In many cases, the entrance to the mall is also the entrance to the store. That means you must go through that store to get to the rest of the building. This way, you can analyze suitable locations for your exhibition stand to stand out.

How to find an exhibit space?

Location is usually the first consideration when looking for an exhibition.

The availability of the ideal stand space depends entirely on how early you book your exhibition space. First, you must determine the stand space that fits your brand goals and the marketing strategies you plan to promote. You can also decide whether to buy or rent a stand. Just think how much more attention these shops get than the upstairs shop at the far end of the hall. You can also determine which exhibit areas are most frequently used during the analysis. Differences in human traffic can be dramatic.

Pay attention to the pillars in the exhibition space, as they greatly affect it. The concept is similar when choosing a stand location for your next exhibition. Also, find out which companies are exhibiting next to you. In other words, more obvious, high-traffic locations aren’t necessarily the best for everyone.

If it’s a large business, this can work in your favor, as the high traffic will help you attract potential customers.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best space for your exhibition stand that works in your favor:

Let’s talk about other high-traffic areas

There are more pedestrian streets than the entrance! These additional high-traffic locations may include restrooms, seating or food and beverage serving areas, and intersections where major thoroughfares connect. In most cases, these seats will be much cheaper.

Apply for a position close to a major brand or program sponsor

Here’s a simple way to get more bang for your buck: apply for a location near one of your exhibit sponsors or a well-known brand in your industry.

Exhibitions of major brands usually attract a lot of walk-in customers. Because these brands have large marketing budgets, they can act as “crowd pullers,” attracting attendees from across the venue and shaping traffic flow to the convention hall. Choose a location nearby, and you can join the marketing efforts of a major brand and enjoy the free signage and low but consistent footfall of larger exhibitions nearby.

Intersections and corners

A busy intersection at an exhibition is a great place to make your brand presence. Visitors can be caught in two different walkways and the intersection itself. The salesperson’s chances of not standing in a corner are doubled by having an exhibition stand design that opens to both aisles.

Focus your efforts in an area with heavy foot traffic

One of the most desirable locations of the exhibition is near the entrance and along the main streets. It is where you’ll see the heaviest traffic and your first opportunity to grab attendees’ attention as they enter the exhibition. If you can get the space at the entrance and it’s within your budget, this is a great option that’s sure to pay off.

However, these limited spaces can come at a much higher price or require more floor space than you normally invest. A front-row stand probably isn’t an option if you’re representing a small company or exhibiting at an exhibition for the first time. But don’t stop there and assume that all other deadlocks will be at the same “inferior” level. The entry cabins are great, but they have a few downsides. While some attendees arrive refreshed and ready to jump on the first thing that catches their eye, others, not wanting to commit to a stand, will wait until they’ve had time to look around and see their options. Because of this, secondary slots are also effective for protection.

Know about your competitors

On the other hand, being close to your competitors can guarantee more traffic because your attendees are “in the neighborhood.”If you know, you will have a dynamic exhibition that is marketed ahead of the exhibition; you should not be afraid to approach competitors.

Being in a privileged area like a cafe or restroom

Coffee shops and places near restrooms are the best places for a stand, as visitors constantly visit them. Many experienced exhibition stand builders suggest placing stands near cafés, seating areas, and restrooms with more foot traffic than others. You can ask for a price, but the return on investment is also much higher. These areas provide not only a lot of traffic but also a lot of opportunities with very enthusiastic participants.

Choosing the best exhibit hall location is only part of the face-to-face marketing puzzle. You also need an exhibition stand design company in Germany that can make you an attractive exhibition stand design.
So, if you are looking for an exhibition stand contractor or exhibition stand builder in Germany, don’t forget to connect with us, “Messe Masters”!

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