How do you choose the right exhibition stand design company in Germany?

exhibition stand design company in Germany

An exhibition is a great marketing tool to introduce your company to a broader industrial market. This can be a little overwhelming as the event quickly approaches. When looking for the best exhibition stand design company in Germany, you need people who understand your goal, your business, and the impact an exhibition booth can have on your business. Considering all the human and financial resources required to implement this complex communication and disclosure mechanism is essential. For an exhibition to be successful, it is necessary to plan every detail, no matter how small. Make sure you choose a company that has been active in the industry for several decades and can offer you an exhibition stand concept that suits you and your company.

Some factors to consider to help you choose the right stand builder for your following exhibitions

Define exhibition goals and requirements

Before choosing a contractor, clearly define your goals, tasks and detailed requirements for your exhibition stand. Consider factors such as size, layout, functionality, brand and budget. This will help you find a property developer to meet your needs effectively.

Search for different exhibition stand builders

Before you decide on an exhibition stand design company in Germany, you should find out about the different providers. You can use search engines to find exhibition stand companies, view catalogues and even get recommendations from other companies in your industry that have already exhibited. You must compare their services, portfolio, and expertise to choose the best option for your business.

Showcasing services

It is best to contact an exhibition stand construction company in Germany that offers a comprehensive range of services. These services include exhibition stand design and construction, graphic printing, manufacturing, installation and dismantling, and project implementation. These comprehensive services allow you to focus on your target audience without controlling stand construction and related services.

Consider your experience and knowledge

When making your choice, consider the stand builder’s experience. You want to do business with a supplier that has built stands comparable to the ones you have in mind. It is essential to confirm that the exhibition stand contractor has worked with companies similar to yours.

Production area/warehouse

After renting exhibition space, choose an exhibition stand design company in Germany that will provide you with good production space for your booth, a solid warehouse to store your booth, a certain level of control over the entire booth production process, and a better budget optimization in comparison other competitors on the exhibition market.

Order utilities

Immediately after signing the contract with your supplier, place your exhibition order and fill out some stand request forms. This is where the role of the exhibition stand supplier comes into play. The exhibition stand supplier will fill out all these forms and send them to the exhibition management. Submitting your forum on-time guarantees your participation in the exhibition without delay.

Consider the level of customization

Requirements for exhibition booths vary from company to company. Some businesses may want a fully customized stand that highlights the unique characteristics of their brand, while others may want a more straightforward design. When choosing an exhibition stand design company in Germany, consider the level of customization. Do you offer bespoke designs or ready-made stands? Make sure your provider can offer the level of customization your business requires.

24/7 technical support

No matter how experienced an exhibition stand contractor is, problems are bound to arise. Therefore, exhibition stand contractors must provide technical support 24/7. Any problems that arise during an exhibition must be dealt with immediately and with the utmost caution.

Work portfolio

Could you explain your company’s work? What do you think of their other works? Check out the company’s portfolio to see the stands they’ve created for other companies and decide if you can do the same for your company. Can they provide you with something similar based on what they have in their portfolio? Will they be able to implement your ideas according to your standards? Design is subjective, so ensure you’re consistently delivering successful, high-quality stands.


The exhibition stand you choose should offer value for money and be within your budget. So, make sure the company you choose offers this in terms of price. The cheaper a product is, the less likely it is to be of good quality. Your stand should be built by a company that fits your budget and needs.

Geographical location

Geographic location is essential when choosing the right exhibition stand design company in Germany for your marketing campaign. This means that logistics costs are always under control. If you don’t choose a nearby contractor, it will affect your budget or increase your costs somehow.


References allow you to understand a company’s reputation and history fully. For a better understanding and understanding of the company’s service quality, approach, process and customer service level, you can check whether the company achieved the goal, met the deadline, strictly adhered to the guidelines, and whether the customer was satisfied with the finished product and performed well at the exhibition, ask for customer feedback.


The power of eye-catching graphics cannot be underestimated: Flawless graphics convey your marketing message clearly and effectively to your target group. Always look for a stand builder who uses modern printing techniques and ensures that your stand and graphics are harmoniously combined to create a strong, established image. You must pay attention to every little detail and have extensive experience positioning the various elements in the stand graphics.

Hire the right exhibition stand design company in Germany, and don’t try to save money by hiring a beginner. If you are looking for a leading exhibition stand builder for your next event, your search ends here. We will give you some tips that will help you find the ideal exhibition partner.

Messe Masters is the ideal exhibition stand contractor in Europe and offers an impeccable range of design services. In a very short time, we have developed into the market leader in exhibition construction in Germany.

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