How do I attract people to my exhibition stand?

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Exhibitions are a great way to build relationships with potential customers and gain experience selling your products in a competitive environment. However, it can sometimes be challenging to take part in trade fairs. There are many attractions in each exhibition. Lights, graphics, giveaways, and other distractions can deter visitors from visiting your booth. So how can you stand out in the number of exhibitions and capture the attention of valuable potential customers?

Here are the ways of attracting visitors to your stand

Exhibitors are always looking for effective ways to beat the noise of the competition. At Messe Masters, we have extensive experience creating bespoke exhibition stands for events around the world. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you attract more visitors and generate a steady stream of valuable leads:

Engage your audience

Once you find someone willing to come to your booth, you should contact them immediately. Like everyone loves competitions – why not try out the Wheel of Fortune? It’s a real eye-catcher and popular with participants. They are great at engaging visitors, encouraging them to start a conversation and tell you about your business. One of the advantages of this is that the whole world is excited: you can offer other vital prizes in combination with small and many awards from the brand’s promotional items as well as from brand prizes, goodies, and goodies. You can buy a physical bike or create a virtual one!

Use pre-show marketing tactics

Advertising your exhibition stand before an exhibition is a great way to generate interest and increase attendance. There are many tactics you can use to attract visitors, from creating landing pages and infographics to implementing social media campaigns and sending newsletters. Before the event, speak to the trade fair organizers about advertising in the event guide or on their website. This helps increase visitor numbers by ensuring your audience is well-informed about your stand, what you have to offer, and your location. Use pre-show marketing to promote any other tactics you use at your exhibition booth, such as competitions or demonstrations. This will generate early buzz and interest in your stand.

Have fun with snapshots

Engage visitors and encourage them to take a photo of your brand at your booth with selfie frames. It’s also a quick and easy way to make new friends. Use a variety of accessories for your photo booth, including cardboard cut-outs and photo props.

It provides a relaxing space

With hundreds of exhibitors trying to get noticed and sell their products and services, exhibitions can often be confusing and overwhelming for attendees. Providing a welcoming space where participants can have fun and relax can be a solution to the problem. Try to keep the space simple and accessible, with comfortable seating and lounge areas. This allows attendees to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the event. This also gives you an opportunity to connect with them and build a positive relationship.

Invite existing customers

To attract a group of loyal and interested visitors to your stand, you can leverage your existing customer network. Inform existing customers about the exhibitor by email or phone and personally invite them to attend. If you have strong and beneficial relationships with your customers, they will be happy to support your company at exhibitions. Be careful not to focus too much energy on existing customers. While it’s great to recognize your loyal customers, you shouldn’t ignore potential new customers. Potential new customers should be the focus of new lead generation and subsequent sales.

Provision of light meals

Arrange to rent equipment and refrigerators so you can offer your visitors drinks and snacks that have a longer shelf life and will almost certainly increase engagement. Ice cream, smoothies, juices, cocktails, tea, coffee, chocolate, sweets, popcorn, and other snacks – the more creative you are, the tastier and more memorable they will be.

Make it visual

Unique designs, eye-catching graphics, and eye-catching content are essential for making your exhibition booth stand out at a busy exhibition. Lighting, bright graphics, and raised floors ensure your stand is clearly visible within the venue. This allows your exhibition stand to attract the attention of visitors and entice them to approach your stand. Have the designers who will work with you to create the perfect stand that fits your business and goals. You can discuss your creative vision with the designers and come up with a unique and practical design within your budget. There are many options for creative stands, so it’s vital that your stand conveys a clear message and reflects your brand.

Create the right environment

Planning your entire environment will help your space stand out on the show floor. Create an experience that truly reflects your brand and other retail spaces with everything from display rugs and furniture to branded selfie frames that perfectly complement your exhibition stand

Present your products with shows and demonstrations

92% of trade fair visitors say that they are looking for new products. Therefore, make sure you present your products and services at your stand at trade fairs and demonstrations. This is a great way to attract participants as it gives them the opportunity to use the product themselves before deciding to purchase it. Organizing and communicating a product launch before and during the event will also encourage attendees to visit your booth and enjoy a VIP experience with the product.

Last but not least, remember that nothing attracts visitors to your exhibition stand more than overly aggressive selling. Don’t think of exhibitions as an opportunity to sell individual products, although that can still happen, but rather as an opportunity to sell the brand as a whole. Research has shown that positive cumulative returns can be achieved as early as three months after attending an exhibition, followed by long-term positive returns and increased awareness and interest in the product. If you need help building a practical exhibition stand that will attract visitors, Messe Masters offers an excellent range of innovative, modular, custom and other exhibition stands.

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