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exhibition stand design

One of our best tips for exhibition stand design is to prioritize the critical goals you want to achieve with your event. Many models can be suggested when the brief is not clear. If you can identify your three to five most important goals, projects can be developed and defined to achieve those goals, and you don’t have to wonder if you need this or that. You can then spend your precious time on more important things, such as planning what happens when a customer approaches your booth and your plan to convert a lead into a sale.

Major stand design tips

Make it as interactive as possible

Passive activities like watching a video screen are not as practical as adding interactive elements to attract visitors. Visitors enthusiastically take part in demonstration games where there are prizes to be won. Customers staying longer at your stand gives your employees more opportunities to interact with visitors. Incorporate touchscreen technology, show product demos, or offer promotional gifts to engage consumers with your brand. It’s impossible to cover them all, so you have to choose one. With a focused design, visitors’ attention is quickly captured. This rapid brand awareness in the few seconds you have is crucial to making a good impression.

Provide adequate lighting

An exhibition stand needs sufficient lighting for several reasons. Firstly, it makes your stand more visible from a distance, allowing visitors to clearly see the exhibition and texts and drawing attention to the most essential elements of the stand. Depending on the desired result, a particular atmosphere can also be created. Make sure your stand is well-lit, and use LED strips or spotlights to highlight something special, such as a new product. You can also use coloured lighting to create a distinctive hue that sets you apart from other displays.

Use the right colours

Choosing display colours and shades can help you stand out from the crowd and even promote your message. More excellent colours like blue, green, and white look professional but don’t draw much attention. Warmer shades such as yellow, red, and orange are more attractive but should be used with caution as they can become overpowering if used excessively.

Focus on creating a remarkable entrance

The elegant and branded entrance of the exhibition stand design ensures a better user experience. For example, Digital touchpoints at the entrance provide higher lead generation. Bright lighting will emphasize the colours used and make the exhibition stand more attractive.

Add illustrations and graphics

People’s attention spans are limited, especially if they have to visit a large number of stands during a trade show. Images and graphics are a much more efficient way to convey complex messages and ideas quickly. Exhibition stand design companies create signage simply and carefully using life-size, high-quality photographs.

Space management

By using your exhibition space wisely, you can make your display stand out from other exhibitors. If your trade show booth is small, you can use curtains to cover the number of exhibits in your booth. It would help if you focused on exhibits that provide enough space to move around.

Avoid text-centric approaches

Incorporate action verbs or taglines that visitors will remember after the exhibit. Make sure the font is clear, large, and easy to read from a distance. Fonts should be placed anywhere on the top of the stand to avoid blocking.

Make your stand interactive

Incorporating interactive activities into your booth is an effective way to attract attention during a trade show. This will make your exhibition stand design more appealing and allow your audience to immerse themselves in your brand truly. Great ways to engage visitors include adding audio and visuals, providing refreshments, uploading live event updates like online live promotions, and using event technology like VR headsets, video content, and AR. If your visitors are engaged, they’re more likely to stay at your booth longer and ask questions, giving you a chance to interact more deeply with them.

Create an atmosphere

Use a combination of lighting, texture, colour, layout, and even scent. By stimulating your prospects’ senses, you’ll attract more attention and stand out from your competitors.

Use the element of surprise

If you really want to grab people’s attention, put things that don’t belong there in the center of your exhibition space. Whatever you do, try to evoke a sense of awe, fun, and, most importantly, response in your customers, encouraging them to engage and interact with your business.

Make your presentation dynamic

If you succeed in attracting your target group with the exhibition stand design, achieving your goals will depend on your employees, products, and presentation. Dynamic presentations can help with this. Don’t just leave your product on the shelf; have your employees demonstrate it to you. Suppose you can allow visitors to use it at your trade show. Invite experts and plan presentations and contests to engage and inform your visitors. Conduct an interactive presentation using virtual reality.

Consider an open-stand design

The stand design has many advantages. Multiple entries and exits are possible. This allows people to interact with your display at their own pace. It also makes it easier for your employees to interact with multiple guests without running into each other. To ensure more privacy for everyone at your booth, arrange seating throughout the exhibition area.

Simple designs are the most inviting

Be careful not to overuse the exhibition stands. Don’t let the graphics on your back wall become a wall of text that intimidates and turns off customers who have never interacted with your business before. Visitors look at the back wall for 2 seconds and then enter the room of their choice. Instead of confusing visitors with too much information, pique their curiosity and convince them to stick with your exhibition stand design. Once you’ve engaged your visitors, you can take the time to explain all the features of your new product. A company that wants to attract many visitors or bring its products or services to the trade fair must have a distinctive and high-quality stand design. That’s why it’s worth choosing a creative stand.

So, there you have it! Here are some tips to help your exhibition stand design different from other exhibition stands. If your company is considering booking an exhibition stand, speak to Messe Masters today! We have extensive experience as exhibition contractors and can manage all aspects of your event, including the exhibition stand design, construction, transport, and storage.

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