How to choose the perfect exhibition stand design Company for your Hannover exhibition?

exhibition stand design company in Hannover

A well-designed exhibition stand can strengthen your brand image in visitors’ eyes. It is the most important aspect of interacting with your audience. Many projects can be proposed if the brief is not clear. If you can identify your top three to five goals, projects can be created and defined to achieve those goals, and you don’t have to wonder if you need this or that. It will therefore be a much leaner and more productive process; You can then devote your valuable time to more important things, e.g., planning what happens when a customer approaches your stand and how you want to convert a lead into a sale. Below are our best ideas for planning an exhibition stand design and exhibition stand design company in Hannover based on our experience working on dozens of exhibitions.

Tips to have the best exhibition stand design

Set goals

You can have a beautiful exhibition stand design, but if it doesn’t clearly reflect the capabilities of your product/service or your company’s image and values, you’ve wasted time and money.

Start before time

You should contact the exhibition stand design company in Hannover as soon as you have booked your exhibition space. For what? Since this is the starting structure for the exhibition stand design, your stand can be open from one to four sides, and depending on the configuration, this will affect the design of your stand.

When you get the chance, it’s worth sitting down and thinking about your main goals, such as increasing brand awareness. Or a better product presentation? Or attract as many people as possible to your stand? It will lead the project based on what is most important to you. A few workarounds can be used to meet specific requirements. This needs to be communicated before the design begins.

If you give it up too late, you may not have enough time to adequately complete the project you want and may have to revert to something simpler and faster. The more complex the project, the more time the conception and implementation takes. Therefore, as a rule, the fitter should be contacted at least 3-4 months before the exhibition date. It may take longer if you’re looking for something specific, such as a specific material, finish, or complex component.

Use materials that enhance your image

Eye-catching exhibition stand design with silver and chrome details, rich wood tones, and fabric dividers. Partition walls are great for separating client conversations from meeting areas.


Traffic conditions at the exhibition site will determine the location of the stand. Consider traffic lines from entrances and exits, and routes to meetings, restrooms, and cafeterias. This will also determine the exhibition and the entry and exit point of the banner sale. You will know when you receive a detailed venue plan from the exhibition organizers. If the case, the organizer has not specified the position of the pillars or air conditioning ducts, it is better to inquire in advance. This can hinder creative exhibition stand design. Understanding this will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best location for your stand.

Focus on your target audience

Once you have defined your exhibition goals, you should consider who your target audience is. Consider what kind of people will attend your exhibition and who your stand is targeting. Exhibition design should address these people and consider what would interest them in the multitude of exhibits and how to do so.


Your branding concept should be consistent across all stand design resources, from banners and graphics to giveaways and more.

Add graphics

People’s attention span is short, especially since they must visit several other stands during the exhibition. Graphics shouldn’t be a problem. It not only conveys your message but represents your brand in a professional way from a top exhibition stand contractor in Hannover.

Go or go home

Maximize visibility by placing tall signage, hanging props, or a tower with a rotating panel that will capture visitors’ attention as they enter the show and lure them to your stand.

Use the right colors

Choosing the color and tone of your display can make your message stand out and even promote it. Warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange are attractive but should be used as they can be overwhelming if overused.

Avoid too much text

The text should be used to convey important information about the stand. Make sure the font is large, crisp, and legible from a distance.

Lighting is the key

Spotlights, uplights, and colored lights are great ways to highlight specific areas of your stand, especially when showcasing something special, such as a new product.

Make your stand interactive

Fun gadgets, technology, and video content are great tools for attracting visitors to your stand and engagingly providing more technical information about your product or service. When visitors are engaged, they are more likely to stay at your stand longer and ask more questions about your services. Learn more about using exhibition technology to engage visitors.

Create custom displays for Hero products

It is one of our key exhibition stands design proposals; If you have the budget for it, it’s highly recommended to create a custom showcase to showcase your heroes’ products in a targeted manner. The presentation of your core products can be one of the main reasons for your appearance. So why not invest in something that best showcases your product? Special features may include integrated LED lighting; You can also adapt the display to the shape of the product to emphasize its shape or add mechanical elements to really emphasize how your product works. Each customized product presentation can be customized to your product, and unique displays are more likely to attract valuable customers to your stand.

Use the element of surprise

If you want to get people’s attention, put something that doesn’t fit in the center of your display space. Whatever you do, try to elicit admiration, amusement, and, most importantly, a reaction from customers who need to know by encouraging them to come and interact with your business.

Include technology

Technology plays a big role in our daily lives these days. So why not integrate them into your exhibition stand? Product showcases are an important part of exhibitions because they allow you to showcase your product in front of your target audience. Take the opportunity to present a live prototype.

Print Quality

Textile and vinyl prints are most commonly used for exhibition stands. Vinyl prints have their texture to consider, which makes them appear glossy compared to fabric. With fabric printing, there are no print size limitations, and you can work as large as you need for your exhibition stand design. The graphics on the fabric display stand are wear and tear resistant and will not distort when folded.

Focus on the entrance

An innovative and branded entrance to the exhibition can attract passers-by and provide a better user experience. Exhibit areas such as seating and coffee lounges also help create a relaxing environment that invites visitors to spend long hours. Therefore, considering what additional perks might benefit your target audience is worth considering.

Make the space functional

To get the most out of your stand, assigning specific functions to specific zones makes sense. This helps you manage the different stages of your sales strategy.

Consider an open-stand design

The open exhibition stand design by the exhibition stand design company in Hannover gives you many benefits. Multiple inputs and outputs are possible. This allows people to operate the exhibition stand at their own pace. In addition, it makes it easier for staff to interact with multiple visitors without conflict. Visitors and employees can also practice social distancing. For even more privacy for everyone in your stand, distribute seating throughout your exhibit space.

Create an atmosphere

Creates a comprehensive atmosphere on the exhibition stand. Use light, textures, colors, layouts, and even scents.


These were the most compelling ideas to incorporate into your exhibition stand design. People love to interact, and placing such engaging elements in your exhibit design can help create a memorable branding experience for your potential customers.

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