Key Elements of a Successful Exhibit and Exhibition Stand Design in Frankfurt

Exhibition Stand Design in Frankfurt

When it comes to launching your new product or promoting your company at exhibitions, the most important thing is to stand out; for that, you need a stand that packs a punch. We’ve all been to the exhibition before, and after rummaging through brochures and pens and taking home a strange and useless gift, we really can’t remember our experience there. So, have bespoke and eye-catching exhibition stands that can make a huge impact at an exhibition by increasing interest and engagement with your brand, products, and services, maximizing exposure, and generating all the key prospects. We are an exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt with a team of exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt. From stand exhibition stand design to construction, we can deliver a bespoke exhibition stand that exceeds expectations.

The following are the important factors to consider for an attractive and engaging exhibition stand design

As an exhibitor, you want visitors to enjoy visiting your stand. So, you want visitors to leave your stand feeling like they’ve acquired something or learned something new. This may seem like a challenge. Finding a way to stand out from the crowd can often be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the things and steps required to have the perfect exhibition stand design in Frankfurt from your exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt.

Set clear goals

Before planning your stand, you must have clearly defined goals to feed into your overall marketing plan.

Maximize your space

Stand size can often be limited, so it is important to fully use the allotted space. Confirm the dimensions with the organizers so you know what to work with.


Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you launching a new product or service for your industry or company?
Do you want to grow your customer base and acquire new customers?
What message do you want to leave your visitors?
Do you want to know What visitors should do at your stand?
What is the budget for the exhibition stand design in Frankfurt?
Understanding these answers will also help you choose the right exhibition stand design in Frankfurt and choose the right exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt. Are your goals primarily about the number of leads, contacts, or sales for the day?

Number of participants

Don’t expect the exhibition to be as successful as last year. Do the necessary research to find out how many people will participate. It’s not enough to assume that there are more or the same attendees than the last exhibition. Sometimes the stand is too big for the number of visitors. Your stand will look empty, and you’ll spend money on things you don’t need. Before hitting your budget for a large retail space, consider how to meet your goals and generate leads. Think carefully about what you want to display and what your entire exhibition stand design in Frankfurt will be like.

Stand Location

Location is the most important factor when setting up an exhibition stand. You will know when you receive a detailed venue plan from the exhibition organizers and discuss it with your exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt.

Grow up or go home

Many exhibitions have maximum headroom, but some large venues have high floor-to-ceiling heights. It’s worth checking if there is a maximum standing height. Otherwise, the ceiling is the limit. Incorporate tall signs, hanging stanchions, or rotating sign towers to maximize visibility, grab visitors’ attention, and guide them to your stand from the moment they enter your exhibition.

Who is your audience?

Different stands appeal to different audiences. Your stand may need to be very business-like or very fun and interactive. Think about who your audience is. What keeps them busy? Why are they visiting your stand? What do you need to see to take them on their journey?

Your exhibition stand design in Frankfurt must have a “hook” that attracts potential customers or industry contacts. One way to encourage passers-by to stop is to offer comfortable seating and a free coffee or soda. You then have an enthusiastic and enthralled audience to talk to while relieving their feet. Find out why they are at risk and decide if you can help them or if they can help you. After all, it’s about building relationships. You can consult professional exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt for the same.


Of course, competitions are a common tactic at exhibitions; there are always plenty of opportunities for innovative competitions to compete. For example, before the exhibition, turn on social media and encourage people to get involved. Make sure the price is something people want, and the result will surprise you!

Stand type

There are many types of hybrid and custom stands that exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt offer their customers. However, we explain the basic stand types that most exhibitors use.


The pop-up stands are ideal for exhibitions. They come in various sizes and are lightweight, compact, and fully portable. The frame literally “clicks” into place, allowing you to place fabric panels on it using magnetic bars. Whether you’re hosting a clam exhibition or at a hotel party, pop-ups are an inexpensive way to showcase your brand.

Coating pattern graphics

These graphics are intended to cover the fuselage schematic the promoters will install before the exhibition and bid economical solutions for exhibitors. You can opt for planks that fill the gaps between the metal frames or cover the walls with planks or fabric.

Modular displays

Modular displays consist of several modules that are put together to form a finished display. They can be moved often and are ideal if you want to display a lot. Before purchasing the system, check whether you can assemble it yourself or need special help with assembly and disassembly. Similar to the torso diagram illustration, you can add items like shelves and televisions to enhance your exhibition stand design in Frankfurt.

Banner stands

Banner stands come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. The simple, inexpensive versions work well as free-standing displays, while the more expensive models can be combined into a single back wall and reconfigured for different exhibitions, often proving more cost-effective in the long run.

Customized exhibitor stands

From the ground up, bespoke exhibition stands designed in Frankfurt are just that, bespoke to your specifications. Nobody will have a stand like yours, from the overall shape to the floor, from the gadgets to the storage.

Avoid heavy text

Less is often better, and it certainly is when it comes to exhibition stand text. Avoid using long sentences where a single word conveys the same message. Because no one stops to read a long sentence, use your tagline on signage that people will remember after your exhibition rather than on a list of product information that most people don’t pay attention to. Use clear, large fonts that can be seen from a distance. Place the text in the top half of the display stand so that the text is not obscured by people in the viewing area.

Lighting is the key

An often neglected aspect is lighting, which plays a very important role in the exhibition stand design in Frankfurt. Spotlights, up lights, and colored lights are great ways to highlight specific areas of your stand, especially if you want to showcase something special, such as a new product. Colored lighting is a clever way to give your stand a unique feel, especially compared to the stands on either side.

What should your stand look like? Your position must be aligned with your overall marketing goals. What is the key message you want? What is your company branding? What is the theme? Then tie everything to it. It creates synergy and maximizes the visual impact of the stand. But it’s not just the creative element. What features should the stand have? Do I need a meeting place on the stand itself? Do I need a video to demonstrate the product? How do I do that?


Games are also a great opportunity to build brand awareness and creative ways to engage customers. Exhibition games that visitors can play during their stand visit and make them available as downloadable apps after the exhibition. That way, you can attract more people and keep them longer. Consider asking your exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt to set up a scoreboard somewhere in the stands to encourage visitor competition.


Budget constraints are no longer barriers to an impressive presentation at your next exhibition. The best cost-effective idea for exhibition stand design in Frankfurt is roll-up banners, as they feature large, attractive graphics and are inexpensive. Complete your stand with attractive, economical, and flexible folding brochure holders. Although inexpensive, most roll-ups and brochure holders are not quality and will not make a great impression on your guests.

A great way to save on your budget is to rent a stand instead of buying one. This ensures you get a new exhibition stand design in Frankfurt at a relatively low cost for each exhibition. Of course, putting together a great exhibition stand on a small budget isn’t a matter of space art. All it takes is careful planning and smart decision-making to come up with creative and inexpensive exhibition stand ideas that can make a lasting impact.

Considering each of these tips for exhibition stand design in Frankfurt, you are well on your way to a successful exhibition. One of the most important elements for the success of an exhibition is an exhibition partner or exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt.

Works with the best exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt – Messe Masters

Messe Masters is one of the best exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt, with many years of experience. Our services provide you with the best experience in Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world.

What makes us the most committed and reliable exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt?

We are the best in the business, with our huge customer base of global brands makes us what we are today. Our exhibition stand design in Frankfurt allows you to excel at display ground to build your stand or other exhibition facility. Messe Masters aims to be your one-stop shop for your needs and to help you have the most suitable stand with the team of exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt. Our in-house exhibition management includes standing design and construction, storage and project coordination, graphic printing, stand construction, and dismantling.

Partner with Messe Maters, the best exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt

It all depends on your choice and perception. However, our ultimate goal has always been to maximize the benefit of our customers. In short, we pick you up in the middle of your choices and land you in the corner of one choice where you can present your idea or product at a low cost.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of local exhibition rules will help your exhibition run smoothly and profitably. Whether you are looking for a creative exhibition stand design in Frankfurt or looking to rent a wide range of exhibition stands, we are the ideal exhibition stand contractor in Frankfurt. We are proud to say that we have been able to develop long-term relationships with clients around the world. The consulting approach you’re looking for is at Messe Masters. Contact us today for your next exhibit!

You can choose from a wide variety of exhibition stand designs. We are happy to have achieved our goal of offering the best exhibition stand design in Frankfurt and worldwide while meeting your expectations. We have the best exhibition stand designers and builders in Frankfurt to meet your needs and help you become the center of your exhibition.

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