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Exhibition stands in Munich come in various shapes and configurations, from a few simple white walls to more luxurious pavilions with different floors. Your choice depends on the type of exhibition, the space available, the frequency of participation in the show, and the available budget. Would you like to buy or rent a stand? If you would like more information on this topic, contact Messe Masters. As an exhibition design company in Munich, we can provide extensive information about different standards and their relevance to your brand. Below, we have listed the different types and arrangements of the stands for you:

These are the main types of exhibition stands in Munich to choose from, and the criteria for selecting the best option for you will usually depend on cost and your long-term vision of how you want to represent your brand. We have identified each exhibition stand type, and so you can better understand, read below!

Custom exhibition stands

The custom stand designs for a unique exhibition or provide you with a display stand that we have in different configurations and modular stand elements used at various exhibitions throughout the year. Alternatively, you can also rent out old exhibition stands in Munich if you wish. This can be customized to suit your exhibition branding and hospitality needs. Of course, the price depends on the final specifications of the exhibition stand. Factors such as height, stand complexity, and audio-visual requirements can significantly influence the final cost of an exhibition stand. Therefore, giving an exact price in advance is very difficult, as all prices depend on the planned exhibition setup. This type of exhibition stand is generally only designed for a-seat exhibition area.

Modular exhibition stands

The modular display stands contain several blocks connected to create a unified graphic. It can be built for display and then dismantled, stored, and reused. This makes modular exhibitions a sustainable exhibition option. This type of display bridges the gap between retractable banners and the more elaborate popup displays and exhibition stands. Setting up a modular exhibition can be more difficult but still easy. The only downside is that your design could be more extensive. This type of display stand is a 2D structure that offers little wow factor compared to custom-made display stands or modular exhibition stands in Munich.
You can ask your exhibition design company in Munich to link posts to create a popup structure to which you attach your graphics. The result is a large graphic that looks like several banners or popups glued together to fit your space. Simple modular exhibition stands are a good option for exhibitors on a budget. The footwell takes up a significant amount of floor space, so keep this in mind if you need a meeting area or room to display your products. Structurally and in design, there is nothing special about this exhibition. A simple modular stand leaves you with a large graphic wall. It can be bent and curved, but you can’t use additional design features, integrated AV, and lighting to showcase your product or attract a crowd.

Popup display system

These compact temporary exhibition stands are designed for small exhibition areas and can be quickly set up by exhibitors. Magnetic exhibition graphics can be rapidly attached to expanding exhibition stand frames. These systems are typically intended for use in shell construction showrooms. If you want to participate in the exhibition stand construction process, these are cost-effective solutions for small exhibition stands. The experienced exhibition stand contractors in Munich will happily create an exhibition stand design that meets your project requirements.

Additional Information

Request a floor plan in advance:

When you sign up for a show, you typically receive a floor plan with marked all doors, hallways, obstructions, and fixtures. However, with this plan, selecting exhibition stands in Munich is difficult because the route cannot be seen. If you don’t know the exhibition venue, you should visit another exhibition in that venue or talk to our consultant. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your position.

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