Planning Your Exhibition and Exhibition Stand in Barcelona: A Comprehensive Guide

Exhibition Stand in Barcelona

With careful planning and implementation, displays will become an exciting exhibit to plan, attend, and review. If you wonder where you should start, then with our years of experience as the top exhibition stand design company in Barcelona, we’ve created this helpful guide to planning the perfect exhibition stand in Barcelona. Then let’s start!


What’s the best place to start? Before you build a systematic checklist when planning an exhibition, you should have a blue-sky goal-setting session. So, before you dive straight into booking your space for an exhibition stand in Barcelona, there will be a few ideas you should carefully iron out. Having your first exhibition stand lets you know what you wish to achieve. Firstly, you must set your objectives, ensuring these are SMART.

Specific – Have a clear idea of your objectives and goals; this provides you with the tool to focus your efforts on, providing motivation to succeed and ensuring everyone knows the aim.
Measurable: It keeps a motivated and focused team when working towards an exhibit.
Achievable: While pushing boundaries and stretching the abilities of all is essential, it must remain achievable no matter the intent.
Relevant: This means you must guarantee that what you aim to achieve aligns with the business goals.
Time-bound: Have a precise date to achieve everything.

Select the right show to attend

This seems simple, but we know exhibitors who get this part wrong. Why are you attending? If you know your target audience will attend the show, you are on the right track.

Setting your budget

Establishing a realistic budget is crucial to ensure that your planning for the exhibition stand in Barcelona remains on track. Consider expenses such as whether you require a custom stand or stand rental, travel and accommodation, design and construction, promotional materials, and staff training. By allocating funds strategically, you can optimize your return on investment and maximize the impact of your presence at the exhibit.


It must be more important to establish what size stand you want. Leaving it late to book your exhibition stand in Barcelona will reduce the size of the stand you can have. Book with plenty of time to secure the size stands you need. For example, tasks could be; selecting your exhibition, booking your space, researching design and styles of stands selecting an exhibition stand design company in Barcelona to produce your exhibition stand, and so on.

Who is your audience?

Different stands will appeal to diverse audiences. Think about what your audience is like. What will engage them? What will make them come to your exhibition stand in Barcelona? What will they need to see to take them on your journey? Your exhibition stand in Barcelona must have a ‘hook’ to attract potential customers or industry contacts.

Select the space to suit your needs

Want to display lots of products and show off your stock? You need ample space to do this. The organizer will detail the floor sizes and the costs associated with the floor options. Choose a floor space that will support your needs for an exhibition stand in Barcelona. If you have doubts about what you need at this stage, you should get assistance from an exhibition stand design company in Barcelona.

Designing your stand

Your design of an exhibition stand in Barcelona is the visual representation of your brand and should communicate your company’s identity effectively. Consider layout, traffic flow, and overall aesthetic appeal. Optimize your design for functionality and aesthetics to create an inviting and immersive experience for visitors with a professional exhibition stand design company in Barcelona.

Read the exhibitor manual

It will highlight any available services and the timeline for when you must take action.

Make good use of your space

With stand space, less is most definitely more!

  • Getting this balance right could be the difference between your exhibition stand in Barcelona generating a positive and negative ROI, so think it through carefully.
  • Are you planning on meeting with existing clients for a prolonged period? If you display many products, you’ll also need to consider the room you will need for clients to view or interact with these and the space you’ll need to take leads and sales. Will your visitors need to be seated? Will you need privacy?

Competitor research

This can be beneficial in several ways, initially to inspire designing your stand. Seeing what others previously have done can provide insights into what works well and what to avoid doing. Secondly, it is essential to establish who else is attending the exhibit as exhibitors so you know what to expect on the day and who to talk to.

Spread the word

It is an essential part of exhibiting; you must let the attendees know you will have an exhibition stand in Barcelona. It is advisable to join/follow social media groups for the exhibit, participate in conversations, and raise awareness of your business and where you will be located.

Choose your giveaways carefully

Giveaways should be relevant and memorable. If your giveaways are of higher value, consider only giving away as a thank you to leads rather than to everybody.

First impressions

People will make their minds up on entering your exhibition stand in Barcelona within the first few seconds of seeing it. So, with such a high volume of attendees, your stand must be eye-catching.

Don’t forget your biggest asset

Your staff at the display ground are by far the most crucial element of your exhibition stand, so ensure they’re at their best.

  • Before the exhibit, ensure everybody knows what you aim to achieve from the show and their expectations.
  • From how they should act on the stand to what they should wear – it’s essential to set clear expectations to boost performance.

Evaluating your performance

After the exhibit, evaluate the overall performance of your exhibition stands in Barcelona.
To conclude, get organized, be prepared, and enjoy the thrills and connections an exhibition stand in Barcelona can bring with the top exhibition stand design company in Barcelona!

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