The Ultimate Guide to Exhibition Stand Design in Dusseldorf

Exhibition Stand Design in Dusseldorf

Every year, companies large and small attend exhibitions to connect with new and existing clients. However, what is equally, if not more important, is to attract the attention of your targeted audience at the exhibitions you participate in. This is imperative for creating a strong and lasting impression exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf.

Even though digital and virtual exhibitions are more common, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. It’s imperative that your exhibition stand channels a “wow factor” to be instantly recognizable and create a strong impression. As you know, the first impression is lasting; this holds when attracting exhibition stand traffic at an exhibition. We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to make your exhibition booth design engaging and effective.

Follow this exhibition stand design tips below, and you won’t go wrong:

Planning is Crucial:

We’re going, to be frank here, and many exhibitors agree that unless your new products can be filed under the label as revolutionary, you will probably not turn a profit at your first exhibition. For many of the clients we have worked with, profits tend to come after the first year, so it is important to begin laying out your ideas and identifying them. Those purely aesthetic and ultimately will not have much bearing on the overall exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf can be dropped now because industry professionals are not attracted by who can throw the most money around.

Make Time to Talk to Your Designer

You must permit a particular amount of time to be allocated to the exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf so that the project will not be done in a hurry and will be executed on a budget.

Compile a clear and precise brief

When you begin engaging with an exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf, they need to know your products, objectives, and requirements from the start. Any new service or product feature that needs to be displayed on the stand should also be shared.

Consider graphic design elements

Design elements are also key when planning to stand graphics as they help emphasize key messages or product features, including your all-important brand logo. Also, think about the layout and flow of the stand and how this could affect your graphics’ storytelling element and ideas, specifically for things like timelines or a series of product shots.

When considering texture, consider introducing materials such as woodgrain or metallic surfaces into your designs, adding further depth to a graphic or logo.

Who is your audience?

Different stands will appeal to different audiences. Think about what your audience is like. What will engage them? Your stand must have a hook to attract potential customers or industry contacts.

Illustration, Scamps & Sketches

Scamps and sketches are a great and quick way to walk the client and the internal team through initial thoughts early on for further thoughts and progress.


How the convention center’s foot traffic flows will determine your stall’s placement. Think about how people will enter and leave the building and the routes to the meeting rooms, bathrooms, and cafeteria. Discuss it with your exhibition stand contractor in Dusseldorf.

Get the right message across

Regarding your brand message in the exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf, remember that less is more. Be sure to use a message that is as concise as possible and will catch the eye of your target audience. A few words have a much larger impact than sentences and spark visitors’ interest. Another aspect to consider here is fonts. They need to be large and clear enough so that visitors from afar can read your message and also walk around. Also, ensure that your key messaging is placed on the top half of your exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf because it needs to be visible throughout the halls.

The exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf sets the stage for whether you will have a successful exhibition. However, that is if you follow the correct measures for a great booth design. It’s important to spend the time and engage experienced exhibition stand builders in Dusseldorf and task them with a well-written brief.

Make your next exhibition stand design in Dusseldorf with us

We are a leading full-service exhibition stand contractor in Dusseldorf. We work with you to establish a brand personality and develop ideas that encourage active engagement with your brand through one or a series of connected activations. We are a passionate exhibition stand builder in Dusseldorf about creating experiences to bring your brand to life.

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