Tips for a Standout Exhibition Stand in Cologne

Exhibition Stand in Cologne

The exhibition is a significant investment, both financially and in terms of time. A stand is a great way to achieve your marketing goals and generate sales. However, it must be well planned and managed to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. So, when you do this, you want to do it right. This means you must ensure that every item on your stand is of the highest possible standard. In this article, you will learn how to set up your exhibition stand, sell it, and make your stand a lasting experience. As a top exhibition booth builder in Cologne, we also share ideas for exhibition stand design in Cologne and explain why they might work for your audience.

Here are the tips for an attractive Exhibition Stand

Preparation is essential

Get the most out of your exhibit by sending out invitations early, promoting yourself as much as possible on social media before the exhibit, and scheduling appointments to ensure you’re speaking to your most important leads. With redistribution and a little self-promotion, you’ll be safe, and your clients will appreciate it if you tell them about the possibilities of a face-to-face meeting, especially if they can spend the day at the stand.!

Designated Targets

Before you start with exhibition stand design in Cologne, it’s important to identify your goals and reasons for your SEO, including revenue generation, product launch, brand awareness, market research, or marketing. Different purposes require different display designs for a more effective stand. You can design a beautiful stand, but you’ve wasted time and money if it doesn’t reflect your product/service’s capabilities or your company’s image and values.

Use materials that enhance your image

Create an eye-catching presentation with silver and chrome accents, rich wood tones, or fabric dividers. Room dividers are ideal for separating client meetings from meeting rooms. Ask your exhibition stand contractors in Cologne for top-class exhibition stand-building materials.

Choose the right location

The location of your stand is the key to success. Secure a prominent spot near an entrance or in a high-traffic area.

Offer an exclusive promotion just for the exhibit

​​Anything exclusive will help you stand out from many other exhibitors at the show. Think of a special discount code, a buy-one-gets-one-free offer, or a free consultation with your team of experts.

Make sure your team is fully informed

Employees are the face of your brand, and their behavior and actions will influence how your customers perceive you. It is important that the exhibits team fully understands your objectives and how they will present your business and interact with potential customers. A well-trained team will feel more confident and better prepared to network, engage, and sell your product or service and will be able to decide which leads are best to follow.

Even if your team is already well-trained, knows how to handle leads, and knows the key facts about what your company offers, it’s important to remember that visitors may have more technical questions. It is important to refresh the team’s minds and identify subject matter experts so they can refer to the documentation in the future. Hand over to the best employee.

Focus on your target audience

Consider the type of visitor and exhibition stand design in Cologne according to their needs and desires. Persona mapping is a great way to find your target audience. When you know your ideal customer, you can make better design decisions, down to the right color, to ensure you’re attracting the right prospects.

Provide food and drink

Potential customers can spend hours at your exhibition. Food and drink are a great way to draw visitors to your stand.

Make the most of your space

Since stands are often limited in size, making the most of the space allotted to them is important. Check the dimensions with your organizer to know what you’re dealing with.

Make a strong first impression

First impressions are very important. So, make your stand visually striking and memorable. Use bold colors, large graphics, and clear messages to grab your attendees’ attention.

Leverage technology

Integrating technology into your stand can make it more engaging and interactive. Consider presenting your products and services in unique and immersive ways using digital screens, and virtual or augmented reality.

Never walk alone!

You’re probably well aware that managing the stands during shows is a full-time job that should never be left unattended. Your stand goes unattended every five minutes, and your exhibit investment loses revenue. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, bring your partner, family, friends, or local college students looking for work experience. But be friendly with strangers first. Test if you can; read this article first to ensure you know. Your product ranges!

Have a clear brand message

What ideas should your visitors get from your stand? Simple messages are more memorable.

Add pictures

People have a short attention span, especially since they have to visit many other stands during the exhibition, so ask your exhibition stand contractors in Cologne for the same. Images and graphics are a more effective way to quickly convey a complex message/idea. Use high-quality, full-size images and ensure your signage is simple and well-executed. Graphics should not be corrupted. Not only does it convey your message, but it also professionally represents your brand. If graphic design isn’t your thing, consider hiring a professional. Make your graphics make a lasting impression and be visible from a distance.

Go up or go home

Although many exhibitions have maximum ceiling heights, some large pavilions have exceptionally high ones. It’s worth checking if there’s a maximum standing height. Otherwise, the ceiling is the limit! Maximize visibility by placing tall signage, hanging props, or a tower with a rotating panel that captures visitors’ attention as they enter the exhibit and lures them to your stand.

Present your products

Your stand should present your products or services in a visually appealing and informative manner. Use interactive displays, examples, or demonstrations to provide hands-on experience for attendees.

Giving a presentation

Education is often cited as the main reason visitors attend exhibitions. Host a small talk or panel discussion at your stand to promote your business and add value to visitors.

Make sure your stand is easy to use

Your exhibition stand is the first thing visitors to your company see when they come to the exhibition. It is, therefore, important that you take the time to design and plan. For your stand to be successful, you need to make sure it stands out from the crowd and is friendly to the people you’re trying to attract – you’ll be surprised how much one simple thing can make a difference!

Your exhibition stand must be kept clean and tidy to facilitate visitor access. Too much exposure can become meaningless advertising, but too little can make it seem like you haven’t done your best. So, finding a good solution and ensuring your exhibition stand design in Cologne conveys what you’re offering while staying tidy is important. You should ensure displays are well labeled and group related products when there are multiple product lines.


It is also a great way to drive traffic to your stand and ensure your potential customers get something to remember. You can hand them out to passers-by or challenge the audience to use them to win a competition.

Invest in pre-show marketing

Create excitement by promoting your stand before the show. Incentivize previous customers with value-added offers.

Avoid too much text

The text should convey important information about the exhibition stand design in Cologne. Keep your sentences short and simple, as no one will stop to read a long sentence, and jargon can be downright confusing. Use action verbs and slogans that people will remember after the show. Make sure the font is large, crisp, and readable from a distance. The text should be placed somewhere in the top half of the stand so it doesn’t get in the way.

Lighting is the key

An often neglected aspect is lighting, which plays a very important role in the exhibition stand design in Cologne. Light enhances aesthetics and, when used correctly, can create different moods and atmospheres depending on the desired result. For example, a company introducing new technology may wish to use recessed lighting. It conveys a contemporary feel that matches with new contemporary products. Consider additional lighting and do not rely on venue facilities. Spotlights, up lights, and colored lights are also great ways to highlight specific areas of your stand, especially when introducing something special, such as a new product. Colored lighting is a clever way to give your stand a unique feel, especially compared to the stands on either side.

Offer something different

To set yourself apart from your competitors, consider offering something different.

Be a stand you can count on

One of the best ways to ensure people address your stand is with proper body language. Politeness, eye contact, and a smile can go a long way. A seller on the phone, talking to a colleague, or having a meal can appear aloof, unprofessional, and unwilling to help. Maintaining a positive and friendly demeanor at all times during the exhibition is important. Doing so will encourage people to come and talk to you.

Leverage your team’s strengths

Make your stand accessible by having confident, friendly people at the top and product experts at the back for deeper conversations.

Engage, Engage, Engage

If someone comes to your stand, you should contact them immediately. Use games and contests to interact with your visitors in a fun and casual way.

Everyone loves competitions

Why not try the Wheel of Fortune prize? It’s compelling and popular with participants. They are great for engaging visitors by encouraging them to start a conversation and start talking about your business. There are plenty of choices for this game around the world – you can offer the top prizes with a mix of small and branded items such as branded bags, candies, etc. Still. You can buy a physical win wheel, or you can also create a virtual one!

Provide adequate lighting

An exhibition stand design in Cologne needs good lighting for several reasons. First, it makes your stand more visible from a distance, allows visitors to see exhibitors and read texts clearly, and draws attention to the most important elements of your stand. Depending on the desired result, a certain mood can also be created. Ensure the stand is well-lit and use LED strips or spotlights to highlight something special, such as a new product. In addition, you can set a special accent with colored lighting that sets you apart from other displays.

Attract customers

Organize your stand so that there is always someone to keep visitors at your stand. Use graphics to convey complex ideas and company logos to emphasize brand identity.

Consider us as your exhibition stand contractors in Cologne!

Our dedicated teams of full-time designers create first-class exhibition stand designs in Cologne. We have our production unit and warehouse, which reduces the uncertainty associated with storing the exhibition stand project. Simply choose Messe Masers as your first choice for an exhibition booth builder in Cologne to enjoy a stress-free exhibit. We offer exhibition stand design in Cologne according to the needs of the brand and effectively convey the brand’s core message. Messe Masters offers various exhibition stand design services, including ideas, graphic design, printing, shipping, assembly, coordination, project management, warehousing, and concierge services.

The full range of exhibition stands and services includes exhibition stand design in Cologne and printing and graphic production, storage, and assembly and dismantling of exhibition stands. We also offer the exhibition stand design in Cologne according to your wishes, be it as a custom-made product, as a modular, pavilion, or multi-story exhibition stand.

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