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Do you need help choosing an exhibition stand and don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the definitive list of exhibition ideas in this helpful guide. Benefit from our many years of experience designing powerful and impressive exhibition stands. It is important that your exhibition stand design in Berlin “wows” is immediately recognizable and leaves a strong impression. We are sure you’ve heard this often, but first impressions are important, especially when driving exhibition traffic. Yes, it does! Do you need help choosing an exhibition stand and don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck. Your company may offer a great product or service, but if your visual appeal is weak or non-existent, potential customers may run away from you and end up in the hands of your competitors.

In this helpful guide, we have compiled the definitive list of exhibitions stand ideas. Take advantage of our many years of experience in designing high-performance and impressive exhibition stands.

Start early

When we talk about starting early, we mean contacting exhibition stand builders in Berlin as soon as you have booked your stand. For what? Since this is the starting structure for your exhibition stand design, your stand can have anywhere from one open side to four open sides. Depending on the configuration, this will affect the layout of your stand. If you have the opportunity, it is worth sitting down and thinking about your main objectives: Could this increase your brand awareness? Or a better product presentation? Or would you like to attract as many people as possible to your stand? This will affect the design depending on what is most important to you. Some measures may be used to meet specific requirements, which must be communicated before design begins.

Starting early is one of our tips for exhibition stand design in Berlin because you can sleep on the plan. If you leave it too late, you may not have enough time to complete the project you want adequately and may need to move on to something easier and faster. The more complex the project, the longer the planning and implementation takes. Therefore, you should contact your stand builder 3-4 months before the event date. Consider allowing more time if you want something specific, such as explicit materials, finishes, or complex components.

Go up or go home

Although many exhibition stands have a maximum height, some larger structures have exceptionally high floor-to-ceiling heights. It’s worth checking if there is a full support height. Otherwise, the limit is the ceiling! Maximize visibility by adding tall signage, hanging accessories, or a rotating display tower to grab visitors’ attention as they enter your exhibit and draw them to your stand.

Location is important

There are two ways to choose a location for your exhibition stand. You can then select a place that attracts the right kind of visitors. For example, choose an area near a retailer if you want to sell to retailers.

Make a strong first impression

First impressions are very important. Therefore, the stand should be visually impressive and memorable. Use bold colours, large graphics, and clear messages to grab your attendees’ attention.

Guarantee quality branding

Presenting your brand at exhibitions is an important tool. Decorate your exhibition stand with bright colours, eye-catching graphics, and presentations to make sure it attracts the most attention. Think beyond traditional exhibition stand design ideas and consider designing your stand with realistic themes and concepts to capture your target audience’s interest in your exhibition space. Branding is important in your exhibition space, and your design should reflect this.

Add graphics

People’s attention spans are short, especially since they must visit several other stands during an exhibition. Images and graphics are a more effective way to quickly convey complex messages and ideas. Use life-sized, high-quality images and keep your signage simple and well-designed. It would help if you weren’t bad at graphics. It not only conveys your message but also professionally represents your brand. Ensure your graphics leave a lasting impression and are visible from a distance.

Avoid heavy text

Less is often more, and this is definitely the case when it comes to exhibition stand texts. Brevity is key. Avoid using long sentences when a single word conveys the same message because no one stops to read long sentences. Instead of a list of product information that most people won’t pay attention to, use a slogan on your signage that people will remember after the event. Use large, clear fonts that can be seen from a distance. Place the text in the top half of the display stand so that no one in the viewing area obscures it.

Be a warm host

Good interpersonal relationships are essential to concluding a contract. Employees must be prepared, skilled in using the product, knowledgeable about the brand, and patient in answering questions. If a visitor asks the same question, it will test your employees’ patience. However, clarify that this is the first time the visitor has asked this question.

Use the space wisely

Whether you have a large, medium or small exhibition stand, efficient use of the exhibition space will make your brand stand out. The sensible use of the exhibition space offers sufficient space for visitors and speakers to hold seminars. If your showroom requires the design and construction of a medium or small exhibition stand, you can’t think of cluttering the space with excess items on display. Use the exhibition space wisely by making your experience space worthwhile for exhibition visitors.

Include technology

Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives these days. So why not integrate them into your exhibition stand? But how do you activate the technology? Product demonstrations are an important part of exhibitions because they allow you to present your product directly to your target group. Take the opportunity to present a live prototype, e.g., an automation company could showcase its products by developing a robot bartender that can serve drinks to attendees.

So, there you have it! Ten tips to help your project stand out from other exhibition stand designs in Berlin.

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