Top 5 Best Exhibition Stand Builders in Berlin, Germany

Top 5 Best Exhibition Stand Builders in Berlin

This content contains a list of the top 5 exhibition stand builders in Berlin, namely Expo Stand Services, Messe Masters and others. Each company is briefly described, highlighting their specialization, services and expertise in producing bespoke, modular and ready-to-use stand. The content is intended to help companies and individuals looking for a reliable and experienced exhibition stand design company in Berlin to choose the company that best suits their needs. The content provides valuable information about the best exhibition stand builders and their offerings to help customers make decisions.

Messe Masters

Messe Masters is a leading exhibition booth design company in Berlin that has been designing and constructing exhibition stands worldwide for years. They are always available to offer our customers the best solutions. At Messe Masters, we pride ourselves on building stands that exceed our customers’ expectations. Their dedicated team manages every phase of creating a stand, from design to assembly. They have many years of industry experience building creative and imaginative stands for customers. Whether it’s a modular or fully custom stand, they have the skills to deliver on time. They design & build exhibition stands and internal production objects in our design studios. Their team works carefully with customers to ensure they are happy with the design of the stand. Messe Masters’s goal is to create 3-dimensional exhibition stand designs and ideas that are visually not the best. Desirable, but also pursue a specific concern to achieve maximum satisfaction. They offer the most significant contributions on strategically implemented topics with the most desirable use of space and inspection of the entire stand, including design, construction, assembly, disassembly and other services.

Expo Stand Services

Expo Stand Services is an exhibition stand design & booth construction company in Berlin. It extends its services to building exhibition stands for companies and increasing its brand visibility at trade shows. In addition, the company ensures that customers are always informed, considers their feedback, and makes improvements when necessary while providing an ideal venue for the exhibition. ESS has established a leading position in Europe with headquarters in Germany and offices, showrooms, warehouses, and design studios worldwide. It offers an exclusive range of tailor-made exhibition stands designed for maximum product and brand presentation and innovative modular stands that offer full service at competitive prices. It provides a wide range of support during trade fairs, including stand rental and stand design & construction. From the conception and design of the 3D software to the assembly, dismantling, storage and shipping of your stand, you have a team to support you every step to ensure a fun experience.


The Aluvision team offers a unique modular exhibition design that can attract all visitors to your exhibition space. The functionality and design of the modular display provide a special presentation opportunity! Their knowledge allows you to select the highest quality materials and use them to design modular stands that add a unique element to your exhibition. The latest modular system for exhibition stand rental consists of an aluminium core, guaranteeing lightness and optimal stability. Additionally, they are among the most experienced exhibition stand builders in Berlin, and their design team is highly skilled in developing unique and trendy designs that bring your brand’s vision to life. Modular stand systems are the most popular display solution offered to customers worldwide. More importantly, in-house experts leverage the correct intuition, the right technology and the latest industry technologies to create customer-focused modular displays.


The focus of the Berlin trade fair stands is StandsBay, an exhibition stand builder company in Germany characterized by innovation and unique design. With a rich history and portfolio of innovative projects, StandsBay has become a good exhibition stand design company in Berlin. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional design makes them a significant influencer in the industry, creating stands that grab attention and tell a compelling brand story. StandsBay’s experience goes beyond construction; They are experienced architects who create brand narratives at dynamic events in Berlin.


For global companies, Exproglobal is the best exhibition stand builder in Berlin. With a network that spans continents, Exproglobal brings excellent experience and internationality to every project. Their commitment to keeping up with technology ensures that each stand is not just a structure but a showcase for cutting-edge design and innovation. Exproglobal has had excellent experience participating in fundamental global exhibitions and solidifying its function as a frontrunner within the industry. Clients partnering with Exproglobal can count on stands that go beyond geographical limitations and make an enduring effect worldwide.


Selecting the proper exhibition stand design company in Berlin can considerably affect your achievement at change suggestions and exhibitions. These pinnacles five exhibition stand builders in Berlin provide more than a few options to cater for your wishes, whether or not it’s creativity and innovation, affordability, or efficiency. In essence, exploring an ideal exhibition booth design company in Germany unveils a tapestry wherein creativity meets functionality, and every stand is a testimony to the collaborative performance among exhibition stand design & booth construction company Berlin and the brand.

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Messe Masters

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