Top 5 Exhibition Booth Builders in Switzerland

Top 5 Exhibition stand Builders in Switzerland

Switzerland, a city of beautiful landscapes, attracts thousands of tourists each year. The country is also famous for its innovative exhibitions. Exhibitors from across the world participate in these expositions with enthusiasm. However, they often find it difficult to find an experienced exhibition stand design company in Switzerland. There are hundreds of companies that claim to offer the best services. How do you choose the right one?

This blog will list the top 5 exhibition booth builders in Switzerland that you can approach for your next exhibition. These five names are the best in the industry and have years of experience designing and building stands.

Top 5 Exhibition Booth Builders in Switzerland to Work With

1. Messe Masters

Messe Masters is an award-winning exhibition booth builder in Switzerland. After working in the industry for many years, they have established an unmatchable reputation. They have expertise in creating well-planned and built stands for multiple industries. Their BeMatrix/modular stands are a popular choice among exhibitors. They also offer custom-built and country-pavilion stands. Messe Masters team ensures the highest quality of their stands. You will get additional services,  including booth set-up, delivery, dismantling, and storage. Get in contact with them to find out more about their services.

2. Expo Stand Services

Another reputable exhibition stand contractor in Switzerland is Expo Stand Services. Established in 2008, it has worked on over 4,000 projects worldwide. Expo Stand Services is your go-to place to get custom, modular, county-pavilion, and double-decker stands. With manufacturing facilities in major cities in Switzerland, they ensure on-time manufacturing and delivery of stands. Their exhibition stands are built with quality raw materials, include interactive elements, and are well-planned. To find out more about their services, get in touch with them.

3. Monter-Vis

Another name that stands out among exhibition booth builders in Switzerland is Monter-Vis. Monter-Vis has made it possible for many brands to showcase themselves at national and international levels. Offering original stand designs for over 20 years, it is an award-winning exhibition stand designer, builder, and contractor in Switzerland. They offer comprehensive services,  from pre-show logistics and planning to booth assembly and disassembly. They have constructed more than 1000 stands and are well aware of the Swiss market.

4. Expo Display Service

Expo Display Service, another exhibition stand design company in Switzerland, has been creating visually appealing and well-planned exhibition stands since 1979. They offer graphics printing, installation, and disassembly services in addition to building stands. They control the delivery of exhibition stands because they own a fleet of vehicles, ensuring a smooth experience with little reliance on outside sources. Their skilled project managers, who are fluent in both English and the local language, will carefully oversee each step of the building of your stand.

5. Newcom Exhibitions

The last name on the list of the top 5 exhibition booth builders in Switzerland is Newcom Exhibitions. It is a go-to place for exhibitors who want to have custom-built stands at reasonable prices. Apart from custom stands, they also offer rental booths that are perfect for first-timers. They have a group of talented designers who provide clients with original and imaginative design solutions. They will assign you a personal project manager who will work with you from start to finish. Furniture, audio-visual equipment, banners, and exhibits are among the other necessary services they provide.

Summing up!

The above-mentioned are the top 5 exhibition booth builders in Switzerland that you can rely on. These names are well-known and renowned in Switzerland. Exhibitors who have an upcoming exhibition to participate in must reach out to these companies. Learn more about their offerings and prices, and make an informed decision for yourself.

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