Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Dusseldorf, Germany 2024

Upcoming Exhibitions in Dusseldorf

As an international business and financial center, Dusseldorf is known for its fashion fairs
and exhibitions. Messe Dusseldorf organizes a fifth of the world’s most important exhibitions. Dusseldorf should, therefore, be one of the best places for your next exhibition visit. You may decide to take part in a particular exhibition but cannot decide on the exhibition that brings together the largest target group. Attending exhibitions requires extensive research and planning. It would help if you also considered whether it is an established exhibition or a new one. On this page, you will find the top 5 upcoming exhibitions in Dusseldorf, Germany 2024:


Date: JANUARY 9 – 11, 2024

PSI stands for Creating Products Service Institute. The professional network sees itself as an organizer and mouthpiece for the European promotional products industry and, together with PSI, the leading international exhibition for the promotional products industry, has created the largest meeting point in the world. More than 17,000 industry experts will gather in the PSI 2024 DUSSELDORF to explore a wide range covering the entire spectrum of tactile advertising, including products for promotional purposes, textile decoration, and finishing machinery.

The exhibition takes place once a year in Dusseldorf and is only open to specialist guests. Shows everything you need to know about print advertising and promotional items in the B-to-B sector. The exhibition concept is based on five pillars: sourcing, inspiration, technology, sustainability, and social media, and it is aimed at different interest groups present in the exhibition area. The exhibition focuses on fabrics, pens, bags, cases, custom-made products, and prints. In addition to an extensive presentation, PSI 2024 DUSSELDORF represents an exceptional opportunity for marketing agencies to meet marketers and make successful business contacts.

There are good opportunities for exhibitors and visitors to meet customers and business partners from all over the world and to build new business relationships. The exhibition is the ideal place to showcase emerging start-ups and promising new entrants in the industry, and the target audience attracts high-profile investors and serious buyers. The PSI FIRST area, created in 2014, offers exhibitors the opportunity to present their first products, i.e., innovative and new products, trend products for the PSI 2024 DUSSELDORF that have never been launched before. But new exhibitors, inventors, and young innovative companies will also find their own exhibition space in Hall 13, which invites you to make exciting discoveries.

BOOT 2024

Date: JANUARY 20 – 28, 2024
The Boot Dusseldorf is the most successful exhibition in the water sports sector. The offering at Boot 2024 includes numerous yachts, boats, and water sports accessories, including sailboats, motorboats, and superyachts. BOOT 2024 will welcome more than 250,000 visitors from around the world who will stroll through 17 pavilions with impressive exhibitions from more than 1,900 exhibitors. Visitors can dive, surf, and practice other sports with the appropriate equipment. The BOOT 2024 will also host internship programs, workshops, and meetings for amateurs and professionals. The 360-degree product overview covers his nine subject areas: sailing, powerboats, superyachts, super boats, diving, surfing, travel, motors, equipment and accessories, and paddles. Due to its impressive number of participants and wide range of products, the Dusseldorf exhibition is the most important source of inspiration for the maritime industry.


Date: March 10 to 12, 2024

“ProWein” is the main exhibition for the wine and spirits industry, held once a year in Dusseldorf. The products offered at PROWEIN 2024 DUSSELDORF will be focused on the international market and invite only industry experts to establish global standards of quality and innovation in the wine and viticulture sector. It is intended only for trade visitors in the retail, wholesale, foreign trade, catering, hotel, and manufacturing sectors. The exhibition network includes his seven annual editions on three continents, including events in Shanghai, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo in 2024. Dusseldorf serves 38,000 qualified commercial professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including hospitality, retail, food, and import/export, creating a vibrant atmosphere for positive business results and meeting a wide range of procurement requirements. I will meet you. Experts will find the entire repertoire of the wine industry, from classics to exotics, from appetizers to digestives, spirits, regional specialties, and, increasingly, organic products at PROWEIN 2024 DUSSELDORF. The features of PROWEIN 2024 DUSSELDORF are actionable B2B concepts, carefully selected keynotes on the latest industry topics, and a supporting program of over 500 events.

Internationally renowned wineries present exquisite creations using different grape varieties. International purveyors of craft spirits and craft beers come together in the same but different hall dedicated to the finest offerings from the world of handcrafted beverages. Accompanying thematic tastings, interesting and varied lectures, informative lectures, and the stands themselves, as well as culinary events in the Prowine Forum and the Munus Vigni tasting area, will expand the PROWEIN 2024 DUSSELDORF’s content.


Date: March 23-24, 2024

The annual hair cosmetics conference Top Hair International is back at Messe Dusseldorf. More than 26,000 visitors from beauty professionals from over 39 countries are expected over his three days for professional exchange, learning, and skill development. The school’s unique discussion forum provides an opportunity to peer over the shoulders of industry experts at global market leaders and upcoming workshops. All major exhibitors present services and products from hair care, specialty items, cosmetics, nails, spas, lifestyle jewelry, wigs, hairpieces, salon gadgets, and salon decorations. Open to qualified trade visitors only, the exhibition offers industry members a unique opportunity to meet other professionals in person and address their most complex sourcing needs. As a result, TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL 2024 offers a comprehensive picture of the industry with a clear separation between sourcing regions and direct revenue. A dynamic program of networking, education, and entertainment accompanies the extensive exhibition. You can sit back and marvel at the incredible creativity and business and experience the latest ground-breaking improvements up close. The exhibition includes product demonstrations, hair and styling strategies, and makeup demonstrations. TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL 2024 offers an extensive product presentation with an inspiring program of guides and tips. It offers a unique selection of America’s best hairdressers, offering the most glamorous and modern options in the industry.


Date: APRIL 15 – 19, 2024

Tube Dusseldorf is the leading exhibition for the tube processing industry. It offers a first-class conference platform for professionals at all levels and links in the tube processing value chain worldwide. Tube is considered a pioneer in a rapidly developing industry and provides experts with answers to the challenges of the future. More than 31,000 industry professionals will gather at TUBE DUSSELDORF, with a highly international and knowledgeable audience from 134 countries. The extensive 5-day program includes conferences, high-level business exchanges, innovative products, and industry internships. The exhibition takes place every two years in cooperation with Wire, the international exhibition for the wire and cable industry, in Dusseldorf and enjoys a good international reputation with branches in Russia, India, Southeast Asia, China, and Arabia.

The TUBE DUSSELDORF product line will feature state-of-the-art technological advances and cover a wide range of product categories, including raw materials, tube-making and finishing machines, tube and tube fittings, tube trading, and much more. Pipe manufacturing and processing applications are used in many vertical industries, such as automotive, construction, and oil and gas. The topic of sustainability will continue to be in high demand at Tube 2024 with product launches, expert meetings, and live demonstrations on eco-metal tracks. The exhibition attracts highly qualified industry visitors with investment intentions, leadership positions, and decision-making authority, making it an ideal platform for start-ups and SMEs to gain access to business, exposure, and partnership opportunities.

You’ve probably already found something that interests you. Otherwise, you can also contact exhibition stand builders in Dusseldorf and find out about organizing an exhibition. An exhibition stand company can help you develop a visionary exhibition stand design that will make you stand out from the crowd.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that we can help you choose the exhibition for your brand!

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