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Designing a stunning exhibition stand that not only highlights your business but also leaves a strong impression can be complex. Space limitations combined with a large number of displays can limit your visual impact and make it difficult for you to be visible. An exhibition stand design must have a “wow” effect in order to be immediately recognizable and leave a strong impression. You must’ve heard this many times, but first impressions are crucial, especially when it comes to driving exhibition traffic.

How do you stand out at a crowded exhibition?

Follow the following tips for designing an exhibition stand so you won’t go wrong:

Set clear goals and tasks

Before you start designing your exhibition stand, it is essential to be clear about what you want to achieve. Do you want to generate leads, introduce new products, or increase brand awareness? With clear goals, you can keep your stand builder up to date.

Could you keep it simple?

A crowded and overly complex stand can be overwhelming and intimidating for visitors. Stick with a simple, clean exhibition stand design that highlights your key messages and products.

Focus on your target audience

The next is to identify the target group and stand builders because now you know what you want to achieve. Consider the type of people who will be attending the event and design your booth to meet their needs and wants. Persona mapping is a valuable tool for identifying your target audience and attracting your ideal prospects.

Choose the appropriate stand to use the available space.

The location of your stand in a particular area is an essential factor at exhibitions and determines the space in which you have to work. Space allocation can be limited, so it’s necessary to get the most out of your custom ad. There are different types of displays to choose from, from modular displays and framed shelves to large traditional structures. An experienced contractor like Messe Masters can help you have the best exhibition stand design.

Space management

By cleverly using the exhibition space, you can make your stand unique from other exhibitors. If your exhibition stand is small, you may want to hide the number of exhibits in that stand. The focus should be on a display that offers sufficient freedom of movement.

Consider an open-stand design

The open exhibition stand design offers numerous advantages. You can have multiple inputs and outputs. This allows visitors to interact with your exhibition stand at their comfort level. Additionally, it will be easier for your employees to interact with more guests without running into anyone. Arrange seating throughout the exhibition space to ensure more privacy for everyone present at the exhibition stand.

Use height and light

Most exhibition venues allow a maximum height of 4 meters for each stand, and some also enable hanging structures from the ceiling. The bigger you are, the more you are noticed. With suspended structures, you can also stand out from the competition on the other side of the exhibition stand. It’s the perfect solution for event branding. Always add lighting where possible. Lighting helps highlight your brand and marketing message and provides additional visibility. Exhibition halls can be dark and lack adequate lighting. Therefore, make sure to supplement the lighting of your stand.

Create custom displays for Hero products

This is one of our top tips for exhibition stand design. If your budget allows, we highly recommend creating a custom ad to highlight your featured products specifically. Showcasing featured products can be one of the main reasons for your exhibition. So why not invest in something that will best showcase your product? Special features may include integrated LED lighting. You can also design the display to match the shape of the product to highlight its shape or add mechanical elements to really highlight the product’s performance.

Don’t overload yourself with text

Less is often more, and when it comes to texts at an exhibition stand, that is definitely the case. Avoid long sentences when simple words convey the same message because no one will stop to read a long text. Use a slogan on your signs that people will remember after the event rather than lists of product information that few people pay attention to.
Make sure you use a clear font that is large enough to be visible from a distance. The position of the text is also essential; Place the text in the top half of the exhibition stand so that people in the exhibition area do not obscure it.

Leverage Technology

Leverage the exhibition experience to show a live prototype or view a product demo. You can also use interactive elements such as VR, AR, or hands-on elements in your exhibition stand design.

Enjoy high-quality visual effects

Visuals are an essential part of any exhibition stand, and it is vital to use high-quality graphics and images to attract attention and convey your brand message. Use professional photography or graphics, and consider hiring a designer to create custom graphics or logos. Also, consider a booth builder who will print your graphics on the highest quality materials so your colors stand out.

Consider including your marketing message

The exhibition stand design should attract the attention of the audience, and an individual design gives you complete freedom in this regard. Large, impressive stands can be very impressive at all types of events, but it is not always necessary. Smaller displays can have the same impact if you think carefully about where you place your marketing message. The core message, slogan, or image at the center of the advertising objective must be clearly visible on the screen. Texts and images must be placed high on the stand so that visitors do not obscure them and are visible from a distance. The display stand design may include additional walls or a second floor to provide extra heigh.

Additional tip

The location of your stand is the key to success. Try to ensure a prominent location near the entrance or in a high-traffic area. You may also want to think about the exhibition stand design and the positioning of your stand to maximize visibility.

Reading the tips above, we can quickly conclude that it is essential to hire an experienced and professional exhibition stand design company that specializes in exhibitions.

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