Top tips for a result-oriented exhibition stand design in Cologne

exhibition stand design in Cologne

In visitors’ eyes, a good exhibition stand design in Cologne can strengthen your brand image. It cannot be easy to design a distinctive exhibition stand that makes your company stand out and make a strong impression. Many projects can be proposed if the brief is not clear. If you can identify your top goals, projects can be developed and defined that fit those goals, and you don’t have to wonder if you need this or that.

The stand will therefore be a much leaner and more productive process; You can then spend your valuable time on more important things, like planning what happens when a customer approaches your stand and how to convert a lead into a sale. Your exhibition stand in Cologne must have a “wow” effect so that it is instantly recognizable and makes a strong impression. We’re sure you’ve heard this often, but first impressions matter, especially when driving exhibition traffic.

But the big question is how do you stand out in a crowded exhibition? Follow the following stand design in Cologne tips below, and you won’t go wrong.

Set goals

Before you start planning, set goals. Think about what you want to achieve and what message you want to convey with your stand. You can have an attractive exhibition stand design in Cologne. Still, if it doesn’t reflect your company’s values ​​or clearly articulate the capabilities of your product or service, you’re wasting your time. Remember your goals throughout the design process, and you won’t lose track.

Focus on your target audience

Now that you know your goal, the next natural step is to identify your target audience. Consider the type of exhibition visitor and design your stand according to their needs and desires. Persona mapping is a great way to find your target audience.

Stand space

The position of the exhibition stand in Cologne within the venue is important when exhibiting and determining the available space. An experienced exhibition stand builder in Cologne like Messe Masters can help you to have the best exhibition stand design in Cologne for your budget and needs and provide a free quote.

Focus on creating a striking entrance

The sleek brand entrance of the exhibition stand in Cologne ensures a better user experience. Example: A digital touchpoint at the entrance ensures higher lead generation. Bright lighting enhances the colors used and makes the stand more attractive.


Do not overstuff items, and ensure enough space between items. Would it be better to have a seat near the entrance? Should I leave the prizes in front of the reception? Your branding concept should be consistent across all resources of exhibition stand design in Cologne, from banners and graphics to giveaways and more.

Grow up or go home

The ceiling is the limit. Incorporate tall signs, hanging stanchions, or rotating sign towers to maximize visibility, grab visitors’ attention, and direct them to your stand from the moment they enter your show.

Don’t overuse the text

Less is often more, and this is the case when it comes to communication at an exhibition stand in Cologne. Brevity is key. Ensure you use a clear font large enough to be seen from a distance.

Consider different materials

Choosing the right material can help you enhance your image and create an attractive and dazzling exhibition stand in Cologne. Plastic and metal provide a modern look, while rich wood tones provide a more traditional feel. Don’t forget to use textiles as partitions in your stand. They are ideal for separating meeting areas.

Print Quality

Textile and vinyl printing is often used for exhibition stands. Both have their pros and cons, but each is a good option. Vinyl prints have a shinier appearance than fabric, with a texture that must be considered. With fabric prints, you cannot limit the print size and can get the size required for the exhibition stand project. The fabric graphics of the exhibition stand design in Cologne are also more wear-resistant, and their graphics do not deform when folded.

Use the right colors

Choosing the color and tone of your display can make your message stand out and even promote it. Cool colors like blue, green, and white look professional but don’t get as much attention. Warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange are attractive but should be used as they can be overwhelming if overused.

Lighting is key

An often neglected aspect is lighting, which plays a very important role in the design of an exhibition stand in Cologne. It conveys a contemporary feel that matches with new contemporary products. Consider additional lighting and do not rely on venue facilities. Spotlights, up lights, and colored lights are great ways to highlight specific areas of your stand, especially when introducing something special, such as a new product.

Keeping your audience engaged can be very difficult, especially with many distractions. In this scenario, dabbling in a stand design in Cologne is never a good idea. Hire an exhibition stand builder in Cologne to build an eye-catching and impressive stand that will captivate your audience and make them want to learn more about your brand, products, and services.

Such a company will first take the time to understand the customer’s requirements and ideas for the stand before starting construction work. Once you’ve hired an exhibition stand builder in Cologne to design and build the perfect stand, you can make better use of the rest of your time and focus on the quality of your product. One such company is Messe Masters. We are an exhibition stand builder in Cologne who has been active in the region for years and has already built impressive exhibition stand designs in Cologne for several national and international exhibitors. Unlike other stand builders in the region, we strive to ensure that all clients receive superior quality for the money spent hiring us as your exhibition stand builder in Cologne. From conceptualizing the exhibition stand design in Cologne to creating a 3D image of him for review to setting up the stand, installing it in the venue, and finally dismantling and storing it for future use, we built a complete your-one-stop shop for stand design and management.

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