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Sep 19 - 21 2024

InterTabac 2024 Dortmund

InterTabac 2024: A Leading Tobacco Industry Exhibition

InterTabac is an international networking and business development platform. The InterTabac 2024 is an excellent opportunity to showcase the industry’s latest products. Visitors and exhibitors will have the opportunity to learn about innovative inventions and connect with marketing experts to deepen their business knowledge. The InterTabac 2024 dates are from the 19th to the 21st of September 2024. A wide range of products will be exhibited at the InterTabac trade fair in Dortmund, Germany, including cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, e-cigarettes, smoking accessories, pipes, printed matter, alcohol, fine-cut tobacco pipes, tobacco accessories, and smoking pipes. The InterTabac 2024 Dortmund will also allow you to observe the market and place orders! Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this fast-growing business platform.

Why is it worth participating in InterTabac 2024?

InterTabac 2024 Germany’s strengths include a diverse range of products and services on display, an ever-growing number of participants, and the growing global importance of the event. The exhibitors come from different niches of the tobacco industry and make InterTabac a meeting place for industry professionals. The primary audience consists of retailers, industry experts, and an international contingent from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. With the InterTabac 2024 tickets, you can access the first-class facilities. InterTabac offers many benefits to both participants and visitors. Here are some reasons why you should consider attending this event:

Open business opportunities for your brand

Networking Opportunities:

InterTabac will offer industry professionals a platform to network with colleagues, suppliers, and potential business partners.

Market Insights:

Get detailed information on the latest trends, innovations, and developments in the tobacco products and smoking accessories market. Discover new products, technologies, and marketing strategies.

Global Exhibition:

The InterTabac 2024 will attract exhibitors and guests from around the world and offer opportunities to expand their reach and network with international markets.

Trade Fair Highlights:

The show will function as a committed exhibition place showcasing modern-day merchandise, add-ons, and offerings in the industry. There will also be instructional seminars, conferences, and workshops to attend.

Business Opportunities:

InterTabac 2024 Dortmund will be a splendid possibility for engaging in commercial enterprise meetings, negotiations, and sealing deals. Meet with capacity suppliers, distributors, and clients to construct lasting relationships.

Dortmund itself is a bustling city in North Rhine-Westphalia, enriched through a business legacy and offering a plethora of cultural and leisure sports for visitors. To sum up, the InterTabac 2024 will be a necessary discussion board for all stakeholders in the tobacco realm. With its illustrious records and worldwide appeal, it magnetizes exhibitors and fanatics from all corners of the globe annually. For the ones eager to immerse themselves in modern-day tobacco and smoking paraphernalia, the InterTabac in Dortmund is a must-go.



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Who is attending InterTabac 2024?

Visitors to InterTabac can assume to experience a bustling event full of industry experts, suppliers, and like-minded people. Here are some matters to keep in thoughts while attending InterTabac 2024 Germany:


Secure your attendance by registering for the exhibition earlier. There are diverse programs to be had to match one-of-a-kind business needs.


Dortmund is effortlessly on hand through air, rail, and road. Plan your journey earlier to ensure an easy adventure to and from the occasion.

Exhibitor List:

Check the listing of exhibitors and plan your go-to accordingly. Prioritize assembly with suppliers, manufacturers, and key gamers in the industry.

Exhibition Map:

Obtain an in-depth map of the InterTabac 2024 venue to familiarize yourself with the format and discover unique exhibitors and regions of interest.

Social Media:

Stay up to date with modern-day news, announcements, and exhibit highlights by following InterTabac’s respectable social media platforms.

InterTabac 2024 Dortmund will guarantee to be a dynamic and massive exhibition for the tobacco merchandise and smoking add-ons business. With its significant networking opportunities, marketplace insights, and worldwide exposure, it’s far an excellent platform for groups to thrive and grow.

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