Creative DIY trends are waiting at Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024!

Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024

Creativeworld is the world’s largest and most important exhibition for the DIY industry. The international consumer goods exhibition, Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024 will occupy the entire Messe Frankfurt from January 27th to 30th, 2024, to celebrate more than 155,000 buyers from 170 countries and their energetic mood when ordering. The Creativeworld stands out from the other three exhibitions with a focused presence that reflects and defines the dynamic development of the DIY industry. It is the ideal platform for creative companies to showcase their products to an international audience and open up new markets for business. A product presentation adapted to the needs of the industry will serve as a source of inspiration in all categories: graphics, hobbies, crafts, Street Art/Urban Art, and Publishers.

What are the attractions of Creativeworld 2024 Frankfurt, Germany?

At Creativeworld 2024 Frankfurt, Germany, exhibitors will find a wide range of products from the areas of hobbies, handicrafts, graphic and artist supplies, handicrafts, textile design, and decorative handicrafts. Future product lines set to dominate the DIY community are highlighted with expert solutions and advice for a responsible and sustainable creative process. The exhibitor list includes graphic designers, florists, floral designers, textile designers, artisans, interior designers, textile manufacturers, wall decorators, artists, and painters who will present their designs and paintings.

As the DIY industry undergoes massive change, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest conversations, products, and creative materials. The Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024 will take place at Ludwig-Erhard- Anlagen 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Participants from various consumer goods industries have access to exclusive product demonstrations and trend workshops in the Creative Academy area.

At Creativeworld 2024, Ethical Style Places’ themed islands will be presented to a sustainability-focused audience seeking the best innovators in their fields. It is a great opportunity for creative companies to attract more customers and expand their reach.

Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024- Exhibitor and visitor overview

The exhibitor list of Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024 includes graphic designers, florists, floral designers, textile designers, artisans, interior designers, textile manufacturers, wall decorators, visual artists, and painters who will present their drawings and paintings. Exhibitors have the opportunity to present their products to an international audience and expand their customer base. This platform will also represent a real opportunity for the development of companies in the creative sector and the opening of new markets for
business transactions.
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Exhibit at Creativeworld Frankfurt 2024 with Messe Masters

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All in all:

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