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IPM Essen 2024

The IPM ESSEN has announced the dates for the 40th anniversary! It is the only exhibition that covers the entire value chain from plant cultivation to floristry, technology, and equipment to the point of sale. Europe’s leading horticultural show welcomes exhibitors from more than 46 countries to Messe Essen from January 23rd to 26th, 2024, to strengthen the green industry in the international market. The entire global horticultural sector will gather at IPM Essen 2024 and show the diversity of flowers and plants.

Key points of IPM Essen 2024

The IPM Essen 2024 exhibition is a one-stop procurement platform for diverse business needs in the green sector. Over 44,000 industry visitors take advantage of the various solutions presented annually. Visitors are also given the most important floristry events and the latest technology trends. The IPM Essen brings together key industry players, including top decision-makers, serious buyers, and industry thought leaders. Around 1,500 exhibitors at the exhibition create an extremely broad offering that covers all sectors and market segments of the horticultural industry.

Four main sectors of the IPM Essen 2024 exhibition:

Flowers and

The show will help participants find their way around the various products presented.

The IPM Essen is an excellent platform for exhibition participants

Almost 1,500 exhibitors will take part in IPM Essen. Exhibitors include plant and seed breeders, garden equipment manufacturers, irrigation and greenhouse equipment suppliers, horticultural chemical companies, outdoor furniture manufacturers, and more. More than 40,000 industry guests and more than 55,000 visitors are expected to attend the event during the 2024 election. The industry guests include garden centers, landscaping companies, agricultural dealers, municipalities, park authorities, wholesalers, retailers, and garden specialists. 65% of the exhibitors will be international and come from almost 50 countries.
With international participants, IPM Essen 2024 will represent a higher proportion than in previous years. A variety of products are presented in the 4 most sought-after sub-areas:

  • Bonsai – flower bulbs, shrubs and bushes, Christmas trees, cut flowers, potted plants, green plants, hydroponics, nursery plants, palm trees, promotional items, seeds, vegetables, and young plants.
  • Technology – refrigeration, commercial vehicles and trailers, soils, peat and substrates, fruit and vegetable production technology, gardening and landscaping technology, greenhouse construction, heating systems, irrigation and drainage systems, machines and devices, device measurement and control, nursery technology, plant protection, flower pots, promotional items, transport, and lifting devices.
  • Florists – Artistic works, candles, greeting and condolence cards, decorations, dried flowers/silk flowers, floristry items, garden items, mourning ornaments, handmade ceramics, glass, pottery, porcelain, plastic and enamel flower vases, sales promotion products, stamping machines, basketry.
  • Garden Elements – Aviaries and Nests, Planters, Garden Tools, Garden Decorations, Garden Sculptures, Garden Tools, Home Accessories, Outdoor Planters, Sales Promotion Products, Services, Construction Equipment and Shops, Software + IT Consulting, Vertical Gardens, Wind Turbines, Mobile Phones

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All exhibiting solutions at Messe Masters

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Providing solutions tailored to all your needs is our core strength. Our stand expert directly analyses your needs and develops the best possible solutions!

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Our ever-evolving experience and expertise over 18 years in a particular industry is our weapon to track and pursue leads on the trading floor for our clients.

Response time

We attach great importance to our customers and therefore ensure that we support them with our first-class expertise, the highest creativity, and the quality of our products.

You can exhibit at IPM ESSEN with us beside you as your exhibition stand design company in Germany. We are a leading exhibition stand builder in Essen, serving for years, which has enabled us with the knowledge. We will start the design process at IPM ESSEN with an in-depth consultation to understand your goals and objectives to create a unique exhibition stand design tailored to your needs.

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Messe Masters

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