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Jan 28 2025


IPM ESSEN is the epitome of business opportunities

The meeting place for the green industry is IPM ESSEN, the world’s largest garden trade fair. The IPM ESSEN 2025 is considered the most important meeting place for manufacturers, suppliers, and other experts and is, therefore, the best B2B platform of the year. It will take place from 28rd January to 31th January 2025 in Esse, Germany.

Various products will be at IPM Essen 2025 trade show in the 4 most popular sub-areas including Crafts, Candles, Greetings & Condolence Cards, Decorations, Dried Flowers/Silk Flowers, Florist Supplies, Garden Groceries, Tombstone Decorations, Handmade Pottery, Glass, Ceramic, Porcelain, Plastic & Enamel Jars, Promotional Merchandise, Stamping Machines, Wicker, Aviaries and Nests, Planters, Garden Tools, Garden Decorations, Garden Sculptures, Garden Tools, Home Accessories, Outdoor Pots, Promotional Items, Services, Shopfitting and Shop Fittings, Software + IT Consulting, Vertical Gardens, Wind Phones.

The spectrum of the gardening industry will be seen at IPM ESSEN 2025

At IPM ESSEN 2025, visitors will find a range of trendy plants, from green and flowering indoor plants to bedding and balcony plants, Mediterranean shrubs and herbs, fruit and vegetable plants, and all kinds of gardening supplies. The main topics here are climate change and sustainable development. Extensive supporting programs are attended not only by foreign participants but also, for example, by foreign participants—guests of honor, representatives of the press and influencers, representatives of local authorities, and sponsors.

  • The specialist of the IPM Essen 2025 trade show is that it covers the entire vegetable value chain, including production, technology, floristry, garden elements, and point of sale.
  • The IPM ESSEN 2025 will create an engaging brand experience for industry professionals and enthusiasts looking to grow their businesses.
  • Light is essential for plant growth. In recent years, growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, and ornamental plants indoors using LED light has become an increasingly popular method of producing live plants among gardeners, amateur and professional gardeners alike.

No other botanical fair besides IPM Essen 2025 Essen can offer visitors a comprehensive overview of the market and many different innovations.

Merits of exhibiting at IPM Essen 2025 Essen

  • Horticultural lighting is no exception, revolutionizing the future of agriculture with technology and innovation. It is an excellent platform for attending exhibitions.
  • About 1,500 companies will participate as exhibitors at IPM ESSEN 2025. Horticultural LED lighting is becoming the industry standard for promoting plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis at different wavelengths. Exhibitors at IPM Essen 2025 Essen will include plant and seed producers, horticultural equipment manufacturers, irrigation and greenhouse equipment suppliers, horticultural chemical companies, outdoor furniture manufacturers, and more.
  • The IPM Essen 2025 trade show will attract over 40,000 people and over 55,000 visitors. Trade visitors include horticultural centers, landscapers, agricultural traders, municipalities, park facilities, wholesalers, retailers, horticultural professionals, and more. 65% of the exhibitors will be international exhibitors from around 50 countries.

Essentiality of exhibiting at IPM Essen 2025 trade show

IPM ESSEN 2025 will bring together high-level industry decision-makers, severe buyers, and thought leaders in the exhibition area. About 1500 exhibitors will contribute to an incredible breadth of fields covering all sectors and market segments of the horticultural industry at the IPM Essen 2025 Essen. The entire international horticultural industry gathers here to display various flowers and plants.

The four primary areas of plants, technology, floriculture, and garden supplies make it easy for attendees to find diverse product presentations. In addition, visitors will be introduced to floral highlights and the latest technology trends. IPM ESSEN’s proportion of international visitors will be higher than usual. In addition to the latest information on facilities and services in the field of horticulture, it also offers a comprehensive support program. All visitors of IPM ESSEN 2025 can look forward to excellent business opportunities, and deals concluded directly in the exhibition area. During the four days of the IPM Essen 2025 Essen, accompanying events and social activities occupy the visitors’ time.

Top florists will showcase their design and production ideas, nurseries and gardeners will present their latest varieties, and young companies will introduce themselves and seek access to the market. At the Horticulture Forum, current economic conditions and market opportunities are explored and discussed with eminent experts. Are you planning to participate in IPM ESSEN? Do you need help in creating an attractive stand design that will catch the attention of all visitors? Then, we will design the exhibition stand according to your requirements. Thanks to our production and assembly and the latest production technology, we can guarantee the highest quality, absolute reliability, and fast response times, even for short-term change requests.

Get unlimited business opportunities with Essen’s best exhibition contractor

  • We at Messe Masters offer comprehensive exhibition stand design and construction services to our clients across Europe. In addition, the project manager commissioned by you will accompany you in every phase of setting up the Essen stand, from the visualization and design to assembly and dismantling; we take care of all the basics so that you can optimally concentrate on presenting your stand products to your potential customers during the IPM ESSEN 2025.
  • We plan the precise construction and dismantling of your stand at Messe Essen with foresight and thus ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are a world-class exhibition stand design company in Germany and have provided excellent stand services worldwide since 2008.
  • It is important to us that you can devote your thoughts and energy to your company. That’s why we offer a complete package for stand construction in Essen.
  • We have a team of professionals who are fully conversant with the latest tools and technologies to assist you in strategically planning your exhibition stand construction, from stand concept visualization to design, management, construction, shipping, installation, and more for the final dismantling of the stand.
  • In addition to the typical activities such as lighting, graphics, registration for the trade fair, etc., we can also take care of the catering and the booking of hostesses for your exhibit appearance.
  • Our range of flawless stands includes a custom-made stand, a modular stand, a stacked stand, and a fixed stand. Our state-of-the-art printing and production facility lets us quickly meet your worldwide display needs.

Have the exhibition experts at IPM Essen 2025 Essen

Messe Masters is an exhibition stand design company in Germany that strives to deliver what your brand is looking for. A professional pool of project managers ensures that the entire exhibit at IPM ESSEN will run smoothly. We design and build unique exhibition stands for rent for your exhibition in Essen, Germany. We are a committed exhibition stand builder in Essen and organize turnkey stands in Essen according to specific brand guidelines.
With years of experience designing and building exhibition stands, we have experience creating exhibition stands that resonate with the public. We manufacture various exhibition stands, e.g., custom-made, modular, pavilion; double-decker stands, etc. After understanding the client’s salon goals.

To conclude:

As a leading exhibition stand design company in Germany for designing and constructing exhibition stands in IPM ESSEN, we ensure that your exhibition goals are achieved. We are an exhibition stand builder in Essen that will take care of everything from stand construction to dismantling at IPM ESSEN 2025.

Get ready for the excellent stand construction in IPM Essen 2025 Essen!

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