Top 10 Exhibition Show September 2024

Top 10 Exhibition Show September 2024

Europe is a top exhibition destination, hosting almost two-thirds of the world’s most important exhibitions each year. So, how did Europe achieve this magnificent status? The origins of this success are based on its history, structure and economic development. Here, we present a quick look at the top 10 exhibitions you can visit.


Date: 3 – 6 September 2024

Location: Hamburg, Germany

SMM in Hamburg is the world’s exhibition for the water economy. It is held every two years in Hamburg because Hamburg offers an ideal location for SMM due to its long tradition in water as a dynamic business centre. SMM HAMBURG 2024 is a major international exhibition for ships, machinery and maritime technology.


Date: 3 – 5 September 2024

Location: Cologne, Germany

Kind + Jugend has established itself as a trading platform and fashion show for international children’s fashion. Because once a year, the creative forces of the entire industry come together here in Cologne. The global sector offers a unique range of high-quality, innovative products that will inspire parents today and in the future. KIND + JUGEND 2024 range of products they offer ranges from baby and toddler clothing, toys and accessories to youth transportation and safety. Business visitors can communicate directly with the industry, learn about the latest trends in their location, order products and thus better design their categories.


Date: 6 – 10 September 2024

Location: Messe Berlin, Germany

Visitors and Exhibitors Europe’s largest consumer and home fair – IFA Berlin, a meeting place for many startups, technology giants, retailers, consumers, media and electronics manufacturers. It is becoming a place worldwide. Join more than 180,000 visitors at the special centenary event at IFA Berlin 2024 to appreciate a century of technological progress and showcase countless innovations and special products. Products offered include audio, communications and connectivity, computers and gaming, health and digital lifestyle, home and entertainment, home appliances, etc. It covers various categories, such as. Thanks to the IFA Global Markets initiative, business will be booming at the IFA BERLIN 2024. The new platform enables the expansion of the B2B segment of the OEM/ODM industry to showcase market-ready innovations and products, establish partnerships and enter new markets.


Date: 10. – 14. September 2024

Place: Frankfurt, Germany

With individuals from 175 countries, the sector’s leading exhibition is the most global assembly place for industry, workshops and the show. Like no different exhibition, AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT 2024 will cover the complete cost chain of the car aftermarket. The AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT 2024 traffic will be from crafts, workshop, retail, car, proprietor or operator meet applicable providers of workshop gadgets and the car provider industry. Today, the Automechanika is an increasing number of platforms for unique gadget producers in the car industry, which draw interest to themselves through innovation and new functions, structures and technology. The exhibition gives a unique variety of merchandise in the region workshop and provider station gadgets, vehicle mobile parts, tuning, IT, automobile wash and more.


Date: 10 – 14 September 2024

Place: Stuttgart, Germany

For more than 40 years, the global metal working industry has been assembled at AMB in Stuttgart each year. AMB is the market wherein today’s merchandise, technology, improvements, offerings and ideas are provided in all their facets. AMB STUTTGART 2024 has set up itself amongst industry specialists because it is the leading exhibition in even years. It occupies a pinnacle role in many of the expert alternate festivals for metal working and ranks many of the world’s pinnacle five events. Benefit from this exceptional platform and improve the metal working industry. Be there whilst AMB STUTTGART 2024 will become the assembly place for specialists in metal working once more. Leading providers, affiliation representatives, and industry professionals come to Stuttgart to locate focused understanding and charming product and alertness presentations.


Date: 13-16 September 2024

Place: Amsterdam, Germany

IBC Amsterdam 2024 will be the leading worldwide display for the media, entertainment & generation industries. The IBC AMSTERDAM 2024 will present an effective platform for networking with industry specialists and constructing commercial industry relationships. A vital goal of the exhibition is to collectively deliver to providers and client’s information about today’s tendencies and technology and change precious details. More than 55,000 humans attend each version of the International Broadcasting Convention – IBC AMSTERDAM 2024. New thoughts are mentioned throughout the debate-main consultation of the display. It is the most suitable platform for experts to embody the fast-moving adjustments in the industry at IBC Amsterdam.


Date: 17 – 20 September 2024

Place: Essen, Germany

Civil Protection and Civil Defence may be a brand-new focus in the approaching SECURITY ESSEN 2024. The expo will characteristic over 950 companies, political gamers and people accountable for civil defence, imparting their technological improvements and organizational solutions. During SECURITY ESSEN 2024, participants will have the opportunity to view and test/purchase a wide range of products and services, from high-end video surveillance to security and economic systems in eight key areas: video, perimeter security, access/mechatronics / Mechanical / Systems; Fire/access/systems, services and network security. The fair will be a venue themed “Protection and Protection of the Public” with exhibition halls. The exhibition program will also include live shows, workshops and competitions. SECURITY ESSEN 2024 will also host a comprehensive conference that will consist of panel discussions and informative forums, such as the Fire Prevention Forum and the Safety Expert Forum.


Date: 17-22 September 2024

Location: Hanover, Germany

IAA Transport actively supports essential changes in the transport industry. Visitors to IAA Transport 2024 can personally try their hand at driving the latest products during the IAA Test and IAA Parcours. The updated concept will also include upper-level courses that will highlight essential industry issues relevant to the future of society and society. – Sustainability. Conference format IAA brings together thought leaders, decision-makers, visionaries, and experts to present and bring together the key themes of the conference, which will be spread over two sessions. Attending this conference will provide valuable insight into the political, economic, technical, social and sustainable trends transforming global transportation.


Date: 19 – 21 September 2024

Location: Dortmund, Germany

INTERTABAC 2024 DORTMUND is an exhibition for tobacco products and tobacco accessories. It is said to be the world’s largest exhibition for tobacco products and smoking accessories. Tobacco enthusiasts gather around the world to discuss new ideas for the tobacco industry. Children under 18 years of age aren’t authorized in the display. More than 500 exhibitors from everywhere in the world are anticipated to grace the exhibition. Visitors can locate a range and series of tobacco products, smoking accessories, shishas, e-cigarettes, pipes and more. INTERTABAC 2024 DORTMUND will even cover the production system and technology at the back of the tobacco products.


Date: 20 – 23 September 2024


SILMO PARIS 2024 is a leading exhibition devoted to eyewear and the optical international. Participants will gift evolutionary designs and innovative techno-accountable developments. SILMO Paris will be in more than one codec to generate splendid content material and manual specialists for the improvement of their creativity. It incorporates countrywide and global activities, sociable activities, etc. The exhibition will accumulate character opticians, retailers, and wholesalers from the world over to show off technology and tendencies in the market. It is a platform in which information meets to agglomerate and facilitate the improvement of projects, collaborations and industry deals. It is anticipated that 71% of site visitors at SILMO PARIS 2024 will come from decision-making positions to make purchases and make connections for future deals.


That’s all. Above is the listing of the top 10 exhibitions in September in Europe that you could visit. Numerous global exhibitors in the industry look ahead to these upcoming shows in 2024 as they offer considerable industry exposure. If you’re collaborating on any of those indicates, then it’s positive that you will take a stand to publicize your cutting-edge inventions. We’re here!

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